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Birthday Week: Day 1

posted by Heather September 27, 2016 0 comments

Alex made their family his famous cookie skillet for debate night.


My pump up text for my little puppies this morning.


STOP IT, Ben. Man alive. He’s into Bitmoji’s. He sent me this yesterday. This is actually an outfit he wears all the time on Sundays.


Why bother with forks when you have hands that serve as shovels?

Jonah does a ton of babysitting for us.  There’s good and bad that comes with that.

The good is that he earns an enormous amount of money for a kid that never really made a dime until he started doing it about a year ago.  He’s killing it, and getting to jump on trampolines and order Domino’s while he’s “working”.  I say that, but in all fairness, he’s also wiping his siblings’ butts clean and giving them baths while his friends are next door playing basketball and running around the neighborhood ding-dong-ditching our poor neighbors.

The bad is that if he’s babysitting, it means that I’m not getting to spend time with him.  And, that eats me alive.  A lot of times, it’s on Saturday mornings when Ben’s working and I just want to train for 2.5 hours…so, it’s not that bad because we let the kids watch television on weekend mornings and the Farmer’s Market runs during the times when I’m out.  So, they’ve got plenty to keep them happy…but, Maya’s usually on board for training with me…which, Jonah is 100% not…so, I’m getting to spend that time with Maya and not with Jonah or the little kids.  But, we all know that if Mom doesn’t train, she’s a raging bitch for the rest of the day so we all deal with me and my 2.5 hours of being away from home every Saturday.

So, in an effort to get Jonah to start saving some money, I told him he needs to first deposit $50 into his bank account every month and then he can use whatever extra he made that month to do what he wants with.

This month, he found some magic trick kit on Amazon that he was psyched about getting so he could build his routine a bit…which is adorable and actually really impressive because there are some tricks of his that I really have no idea how he’s doing.

So, the kit arrives on Friday, but it came with an instructional DVD and the only place we have a DVD player is in my car.  He’s begging me all weekend to let him watch this thing in my car: on the way to apple picking with the family (not a chance), with his friends on Saturday night (NO because they should be “playing” and not sitting in a parked vehicle like a bunch of teenage hoodlums, etc.  Finally, on Sunday after we had spent the entire morning and early afternoon outside and while I needed to prep for having all of the coaches over for a BBQ, I let him disappear into my car to watch his DVD.

Everyone showed up for the party and I lost track of how long he had been in there watching the DVD, practicing what he was learning, re-watching it to figure out how to do it better, practicing it again, blah blah blah.  No idea exactly how long he’d been in there, but it was longer than it should’ve been.

We all wake up the next day to our standard Monday morning: 5am alarm goes off so I can write my blog post for the day, kids get up way earlier than they’re supposed to so now I’ve missed my window for writing, Bode and Love are bickering from the moment they’re both awake at the same time, I’m trying to weigh and measure my food for the day…basically, it’s a mess.  Literally, surprised I don’t see our entire neighborhood standing out in the street just watching our house as a form of entertainment every morning because it’s gotta’ sound like something out of some sketchy reality show.

I finally pull it all together and we’ve got a shot of getting to CFNE on time by some miracle when I go to get the kids in the car and realize no lights are turning on when I open the doors.  In that moment of confusion, Love has bolted to the back of our cruise ship sized car, squealing like a rabid piglet out of pride that she broke free from my efforts of getting her into her car seat, and now I have the option of either crawling through the middle row to retrieve her or going through the trunk.  I, in a borderline fit of rage, opt for the trunk route and realize the trunk won’t open, either.

Now, it hits me: Jonah must’ve killed the car battery.

This already painfully long story short-“errrr”, I had to call my nanny who was waiting at CFNE already and ask her to come pick all of us up and give me a ride to the gym…which she was totally happy doing…thank God.  Called AAA to come start it while I was at the gym.  Used Ben’s car to get home since he was going to a golf thing all day and was able to find a ride.  And, consequently, got to detail the inside of Ben’s car since I had it all day and I was actually psyched about because I’ve been wanting to do that for over a month now but never made time for it when he was home on the weekends (that’s not a run-on sentence, or anything).

While I’m making it sound like I handled this whole scene like a boss, I would be brutally lying if I actually said that.  I was awful.  I yelled at the kids (which I never do), I grunted at myself out of frustration (which is something that Bode does and I scold him for it all the time), and I was doing a terrible job of keeping perspective (which I’ve actually gotten very good at in potentially stressful situations).

But, hindsight is 20/20 (I just Googled that, by the way, because I couldn’t figure out a good way of saying that myself but then felt guilty just writing it like I was naturally that bright…which I am not).

How lucky was I that I have a nanny that is happy to drive all over Natick for us…and, that I have a nanny in the first place when I work a mere hour a day and get to train for 2.5 hours every day?  How lucky am I that we have AAA and they can come fix my car at my house while I’m not even home so the whole thing seems like it never even happened by the time I return back to it?  How lucky am I that I can now check ‘detail Ben’s car’ off my list and that I got to drive his truck around town on a beautiful day…and, that we even have a bitchin’ new truck in the first place?

The next time Jonah burns out my car battery on a Monday morning, I’ll have remember to read this blog post so I don’t forget everything I just preached about.

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