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How I Handle Mondays

posted by Heather September 27, 2019 0 comments

I don’t know about you, but Mondays for me are the most overwhelming day of the week for me. I feel like I’m getting shot out of a God damn canon at 5:25 am, and things don’t slow down until around 9:15 pm.

In an effort to start my day right, I use my morning meditation as a time to remind myself of how to approach the whole thing.

  1. I stay on course and remember to prioritize the things that “must” get done over the things that can “wait” for another time. I must brush my teeth and get dressed, but the laundry can “wait” until I get home later.
  2. Set myself up so I am not rushing. Less is more on a day like today. Leaving 3 or 4 minutes early is more important than clearing the dishes out of the sink.
  3. When I start feeling anxious, I remind myself that anxiety is just something I’m making up in my own mind. It’s not real…unless I let allow it to be. I can talk myself into believing that I really don’t have THAT much stuff to do, there’s not THAT many things we have to be at that day, etc. My reality is whatever I tell myself.
  4. I am responsible for other people’s experiences around me. My behavior is contagious. If I act overwhelmed, people around me will become overwhelmed. If I act calm and at peace, people around me will follow suit.

Monday’s are up to me. I decide whether to spend the day feeling anxious and overwhelmed, or calm and at peace.

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