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How I Shop Online

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Katrin’s grandpa is here and will be celebrating his 75th birthday with us this weekend!!! Pretty sure he’ll be receiving a gift from us so he can participate in Plaid Sundays appropriately 🙂


How Bushey eats donuts on a regular weekday and is still such a smoke show is beyond me.


My 8am chiropractor appointment with Chad Messina means my kids may or may not have brushed their teeth this morning. Go ahead. Judge me.


99% Bode’s hand-me downs, minus the heart tie-dye shirt.


Miss Katie imitating ole’ grump face.



He got all the way to the 2nd to last bar, and then face planted and had a melt-down. Trying to pump him up to go for it again and finish the whole length.


The hill at The Park School where Jonah was racing at the Larz Anderson Invitational. They ran a 2.3 mile loop on these hills.


Bode walked WAYYYY farther than he wanted to…


And, I broke out the baby carrier for Love…


And, I got pulled like a sled dog the whole time.  Melt Down CITY for an entire hour.  I just kept saying out loud, “This is SO FUN.”  For real


The best part was listening to the middle of the pack and all of their self-coaching: “this sucks!”, “I can’t BREATHE!”, “this is so HARRRD!!!” They need Ben Bergeron there yelling positivity to them.


I’m “that Mom” yelling like Jonah’s in the Olympics and his entire career depends on this very race. I, in truth, have no idea what I’m talking about when I’m yelling out coaching cues to him. But, no one knows that except me. And, the coaches. And, the kids. And, all of the other parents. So, Bode and Love think I know it all. Because that’s what I tell them.





LOVING exercise.


Just LOOK at that calf definition. RIPPPPPED.



Dinner, when you let your fat intake reel out of control all day.


I’m not sure who on this planet cares even a little bit about the process I go through when online shopping (like, for things I don’t “need”), but I think it’s funny so I’m pretending that everyone on the planet is dying to know.

You see, my I’m one of those high maintenance women that can’t make a decision on her own.  Not with everything, I guess.  But, I know my limits…and, I know I am highly limited in fashion decisions.

Maya was just telling me that today they’re Team Dress Day is denim-on-denim-on-denim-on-denim.  I told her about how I recently almost bought a denim trench coat because I thought it would look very “fashion forward”.  She…like every one of my other friends that I consulted before making that purchase…confirmed for me that that would be more “fashion backwards”.

Years ago, I was on the hunt for a pair of dress shoes and was texting pictures in the store of shoes I liked to my friend, Jocelyn, one of my #1 go-to’s for all fashion decisions.  She immediately replied, “I want you to put down the Mary Jane’s, walk out of that store, and think about what you almost just did.  I feel sick.”

Ben got me a personal shopper/fashion consultant a couple of years ago for my birthday.  That was pretty helpful.  But, I still can’t be entirely trusted.

I am obsessed with that app, ThredUp.  I’m not sleeping much these days, so I’ve been logging some serious time on that app.  It’s addicting because it’s one of those sites where you can only leave an item in your ‘Cart’ for 24 hours before it goes back out on the list for other shoppers to take.

So, I will load all of this stuff in my Cart, go back after I’ve had time to digest it all and figure out what I think were mistakes, repeat that process about 5 or 6 times, then have a mental breakdown, screen shot my Cart, text the pics to my little fashion “tribe”, process all of their feedback, and then those final items get brought to the final decision-maker: Ben.

It’s like this: I send these pics to the tribe.

img_0066 img_0065

Now, relax.  Remember, I’m not just going and “buying” $309.91 on all of this.  This is the first step in the process.

Then, this happens.


THEN, I trim down things.  Obviously, the Gap jeggings get spat on and thrown out the window.

Finally, I hand the phone over to Ben with the edited Cart.  And, he’s awesome because he is totally GAME for it.  Not just like he’s doing it to make me happy and just saying whatever; he really looks at all of them and has genuine opinions about each item in there.

That’s when it starts getting really funny.  Ben’s hysterical.  He got fired UP over the Aqua pants and cocktail dress (which fires ME up), hated the R&B cargo pants and Topshop pants (he hates both of those styles for some reason), really just doesn’t like rompers (which I think is so funny for some reason…just reminds me of Romper Room…but, it’s actually a style of clothing), liked the R&B leggings…and, DESPISED the Anatomie jacket.

Like, HAAAAATED it.  I told him about how much the tribe liked it, and he just started laughing to himself and goes, “That’s SOOO something girls would like.”

He, apparently, can’t stand everything that I like about jackets like that…like, the bell-shaped sleeves and the chunky neckline.

“It’s just girls trying to be too fashionable.  It’s trying too hard.”

I was, seriously, cracking up at how different my girlfriends look at clothes and how he looks at them.

So, I kept the cocktail dress, tossed the jacket, and submitted my order.

That fashion saga is done for now.

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