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humble. hungry. happy.

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Recently, I’ve taken over the CFNE apparel department, mostly because I know what I want to wear and this is a way to make that happen…and, get everyone else to wear it with me.  It’s brilliant.  Or, at least I think it is.

The first shirt I designed was our “humble. hungry. happy.” shirt.  I’ve wanted to make this shirt for years: it has a sun on it, a cool font that I love, and 3 simple words that I think about every single day.

In my opinion, being humble has a lot to do with what Bode told me the meaning of love is: when you care more about someone else than you care about yourself.  It’s remembering that it’s not all about you.  It’s accepting that you don’t know it all.  And, it’s understanding that no matter how satisfied you are with yourself, you can always get better.

You can always be better.

Being hungry is acknowledging all of that, and actually wanting to do it.  Wanting to learn more, seeking out other opinions to challenge the things you’ve always understood to be true, and genuinely wanting to face the fears that come along with what it takes to make change and become a better you…on whatever level that may be.  Because it’s easy to say you want to change, to be a better you.  But, when you start taking the steps towards that, you realize all too quickly that there’s a huge difference between saying you want to change, and actually changing.  I have an enormous amount of respect for people that feel that fear, but are hungry enough that they are fueled by the fear…instead of run away from it or put it off for a “better time”.  And, we all know that that “better time” is likely never going to come along.

The best time is now.

At the end of the day, it comes down to happiness.  That’s really what it is.  Every morning as we pull out of our driveway, I say to the kids, “How are we going to make this the best day of our whole lives?”  They both answer with, “By making other people happy.”  I’m not just saying that either.  We have that exact conversation every day.

Because if we can make other people happy, in a million different ways, we will in turn find happiness in ourselves.  What good is it to be happy alone?  There’s a limit to that.  A wall.  It’s like people that squat with poor form.  They can get by with inefficient technique for only so long until they hit a very low ceiling that they can’t move past because that’s the limit.  If they move well, though, their ceiling gets higher…and, their potential is so much greater.  When we are genuinely able to make other people happy, the opportunities for us to find happiness are so much greater than if we’re just out to make ourselves happy.

But, I also think that we all need to keep asking ourselves what it is that makes us happy.  Yes, it’s a lot less scary and a lot more comfortable to just hang out with people that don’t challenge us or question us or push us to try new and better ways, but it’s a lot less fulfilling than experiencing the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you do get out of your comfort zone and become better at life.

humble. hungry. happy.

It’s so hard, but it’s so simple.  And, it’s super sweet 🙂

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