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I Am A Nightmare.

posted by Heather October 8, 2017 0 comments

When my parents are in town, we GET TO set our alarm clocks at 5:30am on a Saturday and train together with the other ragers over at CFNE.

And, I got to do the drawing for the white board WOD today!

Sharpies are life.

When you neglect to check your calendar on a holiday weekend and realize when you arrive at the fields, with your entire family…including grandparents…for Bode’s soccer game to find that it’s not happening. And, then find the email in your inbox later that you received the day before to remind you.

But, you make the most of it and use the field to help Jonah with his blocking skills.

Which he improved on SO MUCH. I love that boy so much it hurts.

Who wants to put money on the fact that Harley Love will play football at some point in the next 5 years? And, play on the offensive line.

This slide. We will be ordering one on Amazon immediately, thank you.

Because of this.

And, this.

And, this.

No, our family does not pack light for a 90 minute field hockey game. And, Harley Love wears Rapunzel costumes 5 days of the week. In public.

No, she’s not playing. But, she’s finally been cleared to start running…straight ahead…without ANY cutting or changing of direction. I just love seeing her in that uniform, though 🙂

Right after Ben creeped up quietly behind Maya and her friends in our Suburban, then laid on the horn and totally horrified every last one of them. They secretly love that. Ok, maybe not.

My favorite drawing of his right now 🙂


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASEY! Such a total smoke show on her 47TH BIRTHDAY. WHAT!?! I love this girl XO

For all the customer service employees out there, I apologize for people like me.

I finally found a refrigerator repair company that was able to come try to fix our fridge within 24 hours, which is 6 days FASTER than any of the other 7 companies I called.  However, when the incredibly patient man tried to schedule a maintenance call with me, this is what he gets:

“Oh, Thursday morning?  Yeah, I take my husband’s class at 8:30, then train until about 11.  But, then I pick up my kids at 12:30, so I can do 11-12:30.  But, then I’m free until I take my son to jiu-jitsu at 3:05.  We can be home by, say, 4.”

“Well, our guys go out for their last call at 4:30, but that slot is taken for tomorrow.”

“Ok, what about Friday?”

“Yes, I can put you down as our first call that morning at 8am.  How’s that?”

“Well, remember I leave around 8:15 for Ben’s class, so can’t get home until 11.  But, my son is STAR OF THE DAY on Friday, so I need to be there to take pictures of my husband reading to his class.  Absolutely can’t miss that.  Then, pick-up is at 2 and I’ve got to head straight over to my other son’s football game before I host my oldest daughter’s field hockey team dinner after that.  So, can you guys come over in any of those pockets of time?”

“Umm, ok.  How about we call you at noon and see if anything works with your schedule that day.”

“Actually, let me check the weather because we’ve only got a couple of 80 degree sunny days left!”

“I don’t know what to say.”


I don’t think he meant that the way I meant it.

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