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I Am A Snail

posted by Heather October 16, 2018 0 comments

*Candid photography

*He wants to kill her. And, me.

Meanwhile, this one begged me to take photos of her.


While we’re on the topic of “things that Heather is bad at but making an effort at improving on”…even though we’re not really “on the topic”…but, in my brain we are…here’s another.

I had yet another pseudo-breakdown with Ben the other day over my age-old struggle with getting everything done in a day that I want or need to.

The school year is a tough time for me, and most every other parent I know, because I want to do all of the me-things like workout, write blog entries, do laundry, cook, keep my house organized and clean,ride my moped all over Natick Center, sneak in a bi-weekly shopping spree at Marshall’s, manicures on my bathroom floor, reupholster the kitchen chairs, etc…but, I also want to be Super Mom and volunteer for every Mystery Reader opening that comes up, host parent Oktoberfest socials at our home, sign up for library duty at Bode’s school, teach the kids how to read and write on my own, etc.

HellOOO, run-on sentences.

His response to this sort of thing is always the same: it’s not brain science, you just need to grasp the idea that you need to manage your choices.  You have to prioritize all of the things you want to do, and then stick to the plan and complete things in order of those priorities.

If you choose to do one thing, you have to know that the others things are likely not going to happen.

If I choose to take a shower when I get home from the gym, I may not have time to fold the laundry.

If I choose to cook, I may not have time to write my blog that day.

If I choose to ride the moped to the cafe to write instead of just writing at home, I may not have enough time to vacuum my car.

If I choose to go shopping, my nails are continue to look like a homeless person’s like they do right now.

Again, it’s not like he’s cracked some top-secret algorithm (I just had to use spell check for that).  It’s obvious.  And, I should know all of that.  But, I continue to improve upon this at a snails pace.

But, snails are technically moving forward.  And, they’re adorable.

So, sounds to me like I’m killing it.

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