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Ben spoke to something in his post-workout speech during his 8:30 class today that is going straight onto my list of things that I cycle through in my head when things get hard, regardless of what the situation is:


I’m not “suffering” from anything at the moment, but this is a good one to tuck in your tool belt for “emergencies”.

He talked to us briefly, crediting Coach Glassman, about how masters of anything have inevitably overcome some form and some level of “suffering”.  It is those specific sorts of experiences that pull you out of your comfort zone and force you to really challenge your abilities and tolerances in a way that you can’t learn from in perfect and ideal situations.

WAY easier said than done, though, right?

It’s hard to suffer.

If it wasn’t hard, though, you wouldn’t come out stronger.  I know that sounds obvious and implied, but it’s the last thing you’re thinking when the person you are in love with breaks up with you, a family member finds out they have a terminal illness, someone close to you tragically and suddenly dies, you lose your job, you tear your ACL right before your Senior year in high school, or even something as regular and normal as you “having a bad day”.

I think it just takes a lot of practice in awareness: awareness in seeing other people suffering and seeing how they should be handling their situation, and an awareness in seeing yourself through your own suffering…and, being honest with yourself about how you’re handling it, both currently and in hind sight.

Because that level of awareness is what allows you to take advantage of a hard time in your life, and turn it into the very stimulus you need to become a better you.

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