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I Cried Today

posted by Heather September 21, 2017 0 comments

No better time to sand the front bench.

My car makes Maya’s car look like a kid’s toy.

The grass that sliced little Harley Love’s finger in half.

Literally, never gets old.


I’m not a cryer.  Well, in all honesty, I have gone through crying phases…like when Bode and Harley Love were about 2 years younger.  Like, a BIG crying phase.

But, I’m not the sort of mom that cries over kids growing up sort of things like their first time getting on a bus or when they walk for the first time.  I’ve always wanted to be because I feel like that would be some sort of proof that I was good mom or that I really do love my kids, but I just get more excited than anything over things like that…and, I like to save my tears for things like when the kids are trying to kill each other…for 3 hours…and, it’s not even 8am yet.  Or, when I refused to let Maya and Jonah use technology at one point during the summer and they decided to get “creative” by painting the garage stairs.  Baby blue.  Or, when I finally got my new iPhone after waiting for almost a year for my upgrade and Jonah dropped it on concrete an hour after I got home.

And, an interesting buffet of things that involve Ben.

But, not many happy kid things.  Until today when Bode FINALLY gave in and got over his fear of joining the other kids in his jiu-jitsu class.  He spent the last 4 sessions slowly inching himself away from wrapping himself around my leg, to sitting in my lap, to sitting on the floor next to me, to taking a few steps on the mat only to bolt back to where I was sitting.

He told me every day that he was so scared that he wouldn’t know how to do what all the other kids in the class were doing.

Today something switched around and he just said, “I’m going to do it.”  And, did he.

He sat like a good little ninja with his legs criss-cross-applesauce, his hands on his knees, he paid attention to everything the coaches said, he waited his turn, he focused on the activities and games, he laughed and giggled, and he couldn’t have been prouder of the new little stripe he got on his belt for completing the class.

Bode was such a good little ninja today.

I told him about 45 times on the way to the car how proud I was of him until I finally pulled his seat belt across his little body…and, broke down in tears.

He looked at me with those little eyes that made me actually believe for a split second that he liked me, and just said, “Dry those eyes, mommy.”

I don’t think I’ve ever, in his entire life, been so proud of him.

I have no idea if he’s actually “over” that fear now, but for today he was.  And, like I told him after class, “Today you proved you’re a real Bergeron.”

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