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I Don’t Do Geography

posted by Heather September 26, 2016 1 Comment

Sam Giorgio giving Bode a complimentary blow out this afternoon while he ate his apple.


Ben surprised me on Day One of my birthday week with one of the pets I told him I wanted: a duck billed platypus. He said every day this week he would celebrate a decade of my life. Today was 0-10 years. He said that was the age when he would’ve given me a stuffed animal if he had known me when we were kids. A little bit horrified by what he might give me for 10-20, some of the absolute biggest nightmare years of my life.


Nice long bike ride this afternoon to end the constant bickering that was going down back at home. Bode fell asleep on the ride out, but woke up as soon as we got to the playground 🙂


Fine, her outfit turned out to be a bit racier than I had imagined it would be…but, she still looked adorable.


Liker Playground in Walnut Hill in Natick.


*looks like she’s wearing MY Uggs


First time I’ve ever cleaned my shop vac out…in, like, 15-20 years. And, you can’t even imagine how often I use it.


Today’s page from my training journal. I do this everyday to keep it organized, neat, and calculate out my numbers so I don’t have to do it when I get to the gym. And, I always leave a space to record my results.

Screw it.  I’m going to go ahead and put it out there: I have zeroooooo clue about geography.

It’s really sort of incredible.

I mean, I know I’m not like EC Synkowski smart.  I can’t tell you how mitochondria are connected to…or, if that’s even something that connects to something…but, I’m fairly confident they are things that are found in the human body.  And, while I don’t know what the word is called when food is charred on the grill and some people think that whole process makes the food toxic and dangerous for our bodies, I am highly proficient at Google and can figure out how to look that up and find out what the word is.

It comes up in my class at least once a week.  We always get these great visitors from other countries dropping in to take a class, and my default greeting is always, “HOLA!”  I don’t know why.  Even if they’re from England or some other country that speaks our language.

I actually just asked someone from the Ukraine how they like living in South America.

Speaking of South America, I still have trouble understanding why Spain is in Europe and not in South America.  I just feel like since they speak Spanish so much in Central and South America that Spain should be down there somewhere, and not near Italy.  Now that I think of it, I’m even wondering if they speak Spanish all that much down there.  Mehhh.

This is one of those posts I wish I had the chance to write at 5am this morning when I got up to write, and not at 9pm when I am sick and was half asleep about 90 minutes ago, because now I’m pretty sure I sound like a complete space shot…when that is actually not far from the truth, but I’m not really that bad.

But, I definitely have no idea what mitochondria is or what it does.

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David G Farr October 5, 2016 at 9:55 pm

Mitochondria is what makes energy inside a cell, often referred to as the powerhouse of a cell.


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