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I Guess…

posted by Heather January 2, 2018 0 comments

Welp, there comes a point in time as a “blogger” that you actually have to commit more effort than posting pictures and captions on your blog and saddle up long enough to write something that your readers feel like is worthy enough to read.

Now, I can’t promise I have anything “worth” reading, but I guess that’s the case on a daily basis anyway.

What I can tell you is this: HB is starting the year off at Ground Zero, in respect to health and fitness.  I mean, I guess it could always be worse.

I guess I could be more than 5 pounds over my normal weight.

I guess I could be recovering from back surgery and unable to do more than the 5 movements(air squats, lunges, KB swings, GHD sit-ups, and hip extensions…sprinkled in with some bonus 1-armed DB movements) in workouts that I’m currently limited to.

I guess my husband could still be sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor next to me while I settle for a maximum of 3 hours of sleep in a fully upright position every night.

I guess I could still be eating pizza for breakfast, consuming a “meal” of red wine and popcorn, and eating burger-sized Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cookies at 10pm…like, more than the 6 I had that night at the Giorgio’s party.

I guess there are bigger world issues than the fact that I still have 25 “holiday cards” to mail off to people.  Nothing to do with health and fitness, but still a huge fail on my part that should be made note of.

I guess drinking my first sip of water, instead of red wine or coffee, in about 2 weeks is considered a “good direction” to be moving in.

I guess it’s good to finally have a need to shower more than twice a week.

I guess the fact that I’ve gone more than 5 hours without watching an episode of Scandal is something to be proud of; although, I wish I could say it was “more than 6”.  But, I can’t.

So, I guess I’m not at Ground Zero after all 😉

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