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I Like To Test Lightning

posted by Heather August 10, 2018 0 comments

Max Isaak sent us this picture from, like, forEVER ago at a competition at CFNE…back in the days when I could not even fathom why people would even bother custom designing their own shoes if they weren’t going to get as many colors as possible on them. For real. I, honest to God, spent a lot of time wondering about that. Looking back on this photo, I have a very clear understanding of why people would NOT do that. Hence the nickname Pat Sherwood gave me during this period of time in my life: Clash.

Sometimes I’ll take a stupid number of photos of the same scene because I’m not sure if any of them will end up being worth hanging onto. And, then there are also times, unfortunately for readers of this blog, when I just can’t decide which one to choose, so I just choose all of them. My apologies for this little string.

Isn’t it crazy how two kids can love playing together so much…claiming their best friends…and, then shortly after try to do everything they can think of to make each other completely and utterly miserable and hysterical with rage? This perfectly describes what it’s like to spend time with these two children. It’s like a bipolar relationship with another human being. And, I’m supposed to monitor this. *fair

Missing this little nugget.

I LOVE training in my back yard. Not as much as I love training at CFNE with everyone over there, but I do love being outside doing one of the things that I love most in life: doing work with my body and feeling like I’m maintaining movements that human beings were built to do every day. So, when Harry suggested I do some front squats today, I saved them for a quick afternoon session in the back yard. The very moment I loaded this barbell, I heard rumblings of a storm approaching. I kept checking the weather radar, but nothing was registering. But, you know when a storm is coming: you see the hues in the sky change, you feel the sudden changes in air, and you can even see it in the leaves. The front squats were on the minute, so I knew I only needed 9 minutes from start to finish. Man, did I push it, though. As soon as I finished, I hustled to put my plates away and started walking the bar to the house when…at that very moment…a flash of lightning lit up the sky. It was sort of surreal, so much that I thought it was just my eyes going weird for a second. And, then I got the notification that lightning had struck .4 miles from my location. While I was carrying a long metal pole across our open back yard. *brilliant

Literally, don’t even know if our family would survive without Paleo Power Meals. I guess we’d be living off of baby carrots, because that’s the ONLY thing on this table that we didn’t get from them.

On Prime Day, I went out on a limb and decided to try out an Echo Show since it was such a good deal and I use the Echo a lot. I actually sort of love it. Or, I did until I played Jeopardy! on it and remembered why I NEVER play that game: nothing makes me feel dumber than that game. Maybe Trivia Pursuit. Yes, that makes me feel dumber than Jeopardy! And, I’m not using that exclamation point to emphasize my point; it just irritates me when people forget that it’s part of the name of the game.

Maybe one of my top 5 favorite shows to watch all year. Like, it’s up there with the Super Bowl. Ok, not anywhere close to the Super Bowl, but in the top 5, nonetheless.


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