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Jesus is an astronaut.
The Science of Poop & Farts to start the day off right waiting for the Bode’s bus.
My handsome dude 😉
Time to hand these down to a NoBull-loving friend who wears a size 8.
My friends need to remember that my phone is always nearby watching them.
My sherpa.
Little work sesh with this kid who has her last mid-term back at UMass tomorrow.
Bought these about 8 years ago at Home Depot. Found them in the basement in the original packaging. And, THEY REIMBURSED ME $30 for them today!!!
Green smoothies = life saver during the holidays.
Thought I could just staple the fabric to this thing, but no such luck. So, I hand sewed the whole thing.
The sewing machine is FINALLY earning it’s keep.
Maya is so incredibly helpful it’s ridiculous. She installed the ceiling hook for the canopy. Saved me a good 20 minutes…and, a puddle of tears.
This thing is, literally, held together by one weak string. If someone so much as breathes too hard on it, the whole thing is crumbling down.
Been dying to try making tie curtains. Found an old flat sheet and decided to try it out without spending any $.
Sewed pom poms on, cut into strips, and tied it all back together.
Undecided on whether I like it or not, but going to wait until I pull together the whole room to see how it works. Took down her black out shades at least until the summer when we have more sunlight, so this let’s more in more light for now.
HL’s class gift for their teachers 🙂
Bananagrams is this winter’s game of the year for us.
AND, Jonah’s not much better for trying to take a flash photo of her…or, IT.
Bode and Ben’s words. ‘ovenhatrain’ and ‘neeb’ and ‘rrcr’
The recipe I started with to make the bars yesterday. Used Ascent Casein instead of milk powder and egg protein and took out the oil.

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