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Started putting kefir into her oatmeal to improve her gut health 🙂

Book time over lunch with these two suckers 😉

She loves my ex-husband.

Favorite new book that goes everywhere with me.

LOVINGGG the new blue canvas trainers from NoBull!!!

 I woke up and immediately wasn’t feeling good about myself.  Do you know how you just have one of those days sometimes, and there’s no good explanation for it.  Well, other than the fact that my inner thighs were touching when I checked after my morning pee run which means that the scale is 100% off-limits today.

And, if there’s anything that can lay a bad foundation for the day’s self-confidence levels, it’s the ole’ inner-thigh-toucharoo.  That’s all it takes.

Naturally, I make a beeline for my extra-wide sweatpants which I initially think will make me feel better about myself.  And, I launch my body into my flowy white peasant shirt that looks like a cotton sheet hanging on a clothes line.  Another item that I have high hopes of lifting my self-image.  Finally, I put my blue star headband that is, essentially, a safety blanket for me.

In case I needed to confirmation that I am, in fact, completely lacking sex-appeal, I run into Ben who’s now got an obnoxious smirk on his face and says, “I’ve always thought Aunt Jemimah was hot.”  He pauses for about 2 hot seconds, scans over my body language, and is obviously trying to figure out if I’m going to start bust out laughing at how ridiculous I look, or break down in a puddle of tears and he’s going to have to skip his 6:30 workout in an attempt to keep me from hating on him for the next 48 hours.

Or, until I somehow dig myself out of this dark hole that I keep rummaging my way further into by the minute.

Fast forward hours later when I’ve managed to build up the courage to face the public and end up taking Morgan’s 9:30 class at CFNE.  After the workout, I run into one of the members, Ali.  Super nice girl, but I just don’t see her that often because she’s a police officer and her schedule is all over the place.  Anyway, I ran into her after the workout and did the usual “good job, girl” as we passed each other by the front of the building.

Ali says, “Your hair always manages to look so good, even after you workout.”

Honest to God, I could’ve completely thrown my body at her in a full-on hug, cried in lap, and/or asked her to record what she just said so I could listen to it on repeat in my car for the remainder of the day.

Granted, I’m just being emotional and overreacting to something that is so insignificant and irrational, but regardless: I was having a bad day.

Ali had no idea what my morning was like.  She had a passing thought that she randomly happened to share with me.  And, she saved my day by just mentioning the smallest compliment to me while she grabbed her Fuel For Fire out of the fridge on her way out.

She probably doesn’t even remember saying it…or, even the fact that I was in the same class as here.

But, that small gesture of kindness, literally, changed my entire day.

Thank you, Ali. I owe you one for this 😉

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