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My favorite gift to give a friend for just about ANYthing. Just gave my favorite color to a friend that just had a baby. LOVE it!

Date night with my man. Started with a walk at Broadmoore, our local Mass. Audobon Society spot that we’re actually members at. So beautiful…and, quiet at this time of the year 🙂

Then, we tried to go to Juniper for dinner, but it was too crowded. Then, to Bocada, but it took too long for the waiter to take our order, so we paid and took off.

We FINALLY ended up at our favorite sushi spot 🙂


How I sat outside and wrote this blog today. Obviously, too lazy to untie my shoes and pull the pants over my legs. Maybe tomorrow?



Heather’s melt down last week over sabotaging the meeting with her husband and financial planner has left her headed in a MUCH better direction with scheduling and punctuality.

I don’t know why I was just writing in the 3rd person, but that’s what I was thinking in my head at that moment so I went with it.

I’m over it.

Thank God.

Anyway, I (me, Heather) had one of my semi-annual pleas for help conversations with Ben the other morning at 6am before he left for CFNE.

“BABE.  I have NO IDEA what the hell is wrong with me.  I get up at 5:35 am every morning and am, somehow, late for the kids drop off every…single…morning.  I need to fix this because every morning is SO stressful and rushed and no one listens to me because I keep telling them that it’s time to go upstairs and get dressed but I keep running around cleaning up toys and doing dishes but we never actually go upstairs and get dressed until I am, literally, on the brink of breaking down in a puddle of tears.”

“You need a buffer.  You know how when you are going to Logan Airport to catch a flight and you’re so good about leaving an extra 30 minutes just in case you hit traffic or there’s a long line at security?  You need to do that with every appointment and every time you need to be somewhere at a certain time.  You need to leave a buffer that big so that you’re on time no matter what.  And, if you end up being ready to walk out the door with the kids 30 minutes early, you can either have another cup of coffee, read them a book before school, or get to school early so you can catch up with the teachers or other moms before the school day.”

“Oh my God, that sounds so amazing.  I would love any of those things to happen every morning.”

And, there it was.  The birth of a new me.  Well, not “the” new me, because it’s not like I’m 5 minutes early, which we all know is the Ben Bergeron gold standard for being “on time”.  But, Bode’s in his classroom at 8am, which is 5 minutes earlier than he’s been the last month or so.  And, that then makes me 5-10 minutes earlier for Ben’s class which then allows me to warm-up properly and be a part of the entire class from beginning to end, unlike I’ve been doing for the last month or so.

I’m not quite at the point where I’m sipping an extra cup of coffee or reading books with the kids before school, but I’m also not a raging lunatic sliding all over the hard wood floors in an effort to save 3.3 seconds while racing upstairs because I’ve forgotten to put socks on Harley Love and find my phone that I left in my bedroom because I was brushing my teeth WHILE making my bed and somehow putting my booty shorts on without using my hands.

I know.  I’m THAT talented.

And, I’m almost on time.

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