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I Think I Think Too Much

posted by Heather May 16, 2017 0 comments

Me: OMG, you guys. I look like I have a mustache. Bethany: Oh, wow! I look like I’m on America’s Next Top Model! Me: I hate you. You’re an awful girlfriend.

BODE’S CATERPILLARS ARRIVED! Now, we let them grow in their little container for about a week. SO exciting!

My placement of this Noah’s Ark piece isn’t ideal for the rest of us, but it is for these two. I placed it really low so they could see it better. Ben’s Dad handed it down to us from the house that Ben grew up in, so we have a soft spot in our hearts for this one. I can’t help but take pictures of them rattling off all of the kinds of animals, as I imagine Ben did when he was their age 🙂


I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I think too much.

I’ve been reading and listening to so many mindset-happiness-positivity sources lately that I, honestly, don’t know where this little bit of wisdom came from…but, I know it didn’t originate in my own head so don’t go accusing me of plagiarism.  It’s not so much plagiarism as it is a lack of brain power that leaves me very limited memory to work with.

Simultaneously, I am likely getting the whole point wrong, but here’s what I took from whatever it was that whoever in the world said (which maybe negates the whole plagiarism thing since I can’t even really remember what their point was, right?): what actually happens is real, but what you think about an event or a situation is not real.  And, there is real confusion and danger associated with getting the two confused or mixed up together.

Acknowledging and understanding what happens at any given point in time isn’t exhausting or stressful.  It’s just what’s happening or what happened.  That’s it.

It’s the thinking about and processing all of that happening that’s exhausting, stressful, frustrating, and can cause conflict.

If we can figure out a way to stop thinking and just accept things as they are, it seems like we can save ourselves a lot of wasted energy on negativity.

I thought it would take me years to break any sort of ground on this because I’m your textbook case of an over thinker.

Until I went to my post-surgery check-up appointment with Sean Rockett last Thursday.  He had just finished talking to me about how my knee was more swollen than he had thought it would be and that I’d need to back off the training that I had started trying to get back into that week.  Yes, it wasn’t the greatest news, but it was the news I got and so I immediately started asking questions about what I could do, what I could expect in terms of recovery time, and then started to dig in a little more about what he thought was really going on in there after having been able to see for himself what the damage was like inside my knee.

Sean told me that he got the pieces of cartilage out that were floating around, but the arthritis in my knee was bad.  So bad that it could have been the arthritis that was bothering me more before than the cartilage, itself.

“How bad is my arthritis.  Like, on a scale of 1-10?”

“On our scale, it’s a Grade 4.”

“Ok, of 10?”

“Of 4.”

“Ok.  So, we just have to wait it out and if it’s the arthritis, I just won’t really be able to compete anymore, right?”

“Well, that would be the case, but time will tell.  Uhhh…do you want some tissues?”

“For what?”

“For that news.  Ummm…you’re actually handling that very well.”

“Well, Sean, what am I gonna’ do?  It’s what it is, right?  Me getting upset about the arthritis isn’t going to make it heal and get better.”

And, there it was.  I was able to stop thinking and deal with just the facts.

No emotions and puddles of tears.

No overreacting and projecting forward to what it means for my future.

No getting frustrated with what caused it or how it’s going to affect me training with my competitor buddies everyday.

And, no wasted time wondering why this had to happen to me now.

It’s just the situation.

And, I just need to accept it, follow the direction of the people I trust, and figure out a new plan for now.

Now, we’ll see how long this lasts 😉

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