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Iceland: Day 1

posted by Heather April 26, 2016 0 comments

Dinner out with this crew.  It’s so good being here again with Katrin and her incredible family.
Katrin’s beloved grandma who we are here to say goodbye to tomorrow.  Her grandma was, literally, her biggest fan.  This is a picture from when Katrin made the world record for the handstand walk in 2014 at Regionals.
Arrived in Iceland at 4 am their time, midnight back in Boston.
Joe & The Juice.  The greatest way to kick off the trip when you’re starving in an airport.  The Green Mile smoothie: avocado, apple, broccoli, spinach, and lemon.
Followed by ginger shots.
Got to FaceTime Maya before school while she straightened her hair.
Matt O’Keefe’s packing job.  Not too shabby.
I’m not panicking at all about the state of our living room back home.
CrossFit Reykjavik.
Love seeing Kat train at her home gym.  This place has produced some seriously fit women.
Even their public high chairs are cooler than ours.
Glo.  Their mini-version of our Whole Foods.  We logged close to 6 hours here today just hanging out.
My lunch, topped with crunchy roasted coconut shavings.
“Maybe it is the main characteristic of successful people that they contribute to the happiness of others.”  CrossFit Reykjavik.
Kat is sponsored by this place, so she gets to eat here for free whenever she wants.  It is directly across the street from their gym.  Incredible.
The “Annie” protein shake that I shared with O’Keefe.
There is a rotation of 11 different friends of ours watching the kids back home while we are here.  Jill was on when we FaceTimed them this afternoon.
We asked Bode to show Miss Jill where Iceland is on the map in the bathroom.  He did, then showed her where we live, too.

Kat and her 17 year old sister, Hannah, who just started doing CrossFit, too.
Iceland’s national cathedral.
O’Keefe can touch the top!
Dinner at Kol.
Charred Salmon.
Our “dessert”.
Terrible.  Not as good as the “Grandma’s Pancake” dessert that we really wanted to order.
Ben matched his napkin.  Hot.
10:04 PM and it’s still this light out.  Promise.  No filter.
Dessert #2 for the walk home: salted corn cakes.
LOVE finding Baby Love’s socks in my bag.

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