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I’m All Or Nothing

posted by Heather October 10, 2017 0 comments


I think I’m an all or nothing personality type.

If Ben were here right now, he’d get that look on his face where his eyes get enormous and his head pulls back like a baby trying to avoid eating a spoonful of food, and go, “Umm, ya’ think???”

I have no idea why I’m like that.

Actually, now Ben would look at me with that exact same face again and go, “Umm, have you met your Dad?”

Fine, so I get that from my Dad.

Anyway, the point is that it’s one of those self-awareness things that, as I get older, I’ve gotten more comfortable with identifying and trying to manage.  It’s just getting my brain to calm down enough to understand that more isn’t always better.

Training more isn’t the recipe for becoming a more competitive or fit athlete.

Driving faster and getting away with it isn’t the best way to get from one place to another.

Having more and more kids isn’t going to make us more and more happy.

Losing a lot of weight, being skinnier, and having abnormally low body fat doesn’t always make you “healthy” or “fit”.

Making more money doesn’t guarantee you will be happier.

Drinking 3 cups of coffee doesn’t make you feel better than if you just drink 1.

Drinking more alcohol doesn’t mean you’ll have more fun.

Buying more clothes won’t make you feel better about yourself.  But, it will make your credit card bill higher and your drawers even more over-packed than they already are.

Making more and more goals doesn’t mean you’re actually accomplishing more.

Bringing more stuff with you everywhere you go might make you more prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but it makes your life complicated and more high maintenance than it already is.

Following more people on Instagram doesn’t mean you’re more in the know, it just means you end up with more posts to sift through.  And, getting more likes and followers doesn’t mean that you’re a better person or have more real friends than before.

Eating more ice cream, cookies, and chips doesn’t make you feel more satisfied, it just makes you feel more full and puffy.

Drinking more water than anyone you know doesn’t mean you’re more “hydrated” than them, it just means you’re peeing a lot more than they are.

Listening to music louder doesn’t always make it sound better.

Getting less sleep than anyone you know doesn’t make you more productive than anyone else, it just makes you more tired than them.

Having the most Halloween decorations in your house and on your lawn doesn’t necessarily make you the most popular house in your neighborhood, it just means you have more “stuff” than your neighbors.

Putting more pillows on your bed or couch just makes more work for you.

More vitamins and supplements don’t make you healthier.

Using more soap and sanitizer don’t necessarily make you “cleaner”.

And, just spending more time with your significant other or your children doesn’t make your relationships better.  It’s what you do with that time that determines whether you’re growing and loving each other more than mere, empty hours logged.

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