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I’m Baaaacccckkkk ;)

posted by Heather October 16, 2020 2 Comments
I am casually trying to make up for the last month and a half of not so much as loading this blog onto my screen. So, find it in your heart somewhere to appreciate the photos that I am catching up on from JULY. Many more to come, but we will start here. With this lost tooth.
Our tooth fairy always leaves paper airplanes. And, yes, she is very stingy. Our children have always only received $1.
I WILL get our money’s worth of this car seat.
Just in case you missed this.

I am ready to write again.

This whole pandemic…with the distancing, hibernating with your little squad, etc…has been very, verytransformative for me. I don’t think it’s just coincidence that over the last 6 months or so I have retreated both physically, and emotionally, from the people and places that I once relied so heavily on. 

I think this whole thing has helped catapult me into a mental space that I would’ve taken 10 years to arrive at had I not been forced to put the brakes on, do some inward hunting and digging, and…more than anything…sit quietly with myself and THINK.

And, what I’ve found is this: I am the biggest, most important, project I will ever encounter. No landscaping, home renovation, or closet organization project will even come close to the magnitude of the development of ME. 

Not even my relationship with my husband, children, parents, or my closest friends deserve the attention I possess more than my investment in who I am and who I am able to offer all of those people who are so important to me.

This time in the world has allowed me space to deconstruct it all and just begin to scratch the surface of all of my insecurities, behavior patterns, and perspectives that I have gathered and let calcify. Up until now.

There are so many thoughts, so many realizations, that have come to me over the last few months that are just begging for my attention. And, I think I am finally ready to refract my energy to them, and all of the ones that will grow from those.

Because that is truly what I want to do. Grow. And, what I have found is that the chatter, the speed, and the distractions all impede growth from happening.  The difficulty lies in being aware of what those things are. 

When am I engaging and allowing in the chatter and the speed and the distractions? They always say awareness is the first step, right?

So, that is where we shall start. That is where we will begin to reconstruct. Not in a new, separate place. But, rather layered on top of what got us here. The point is not to ignore and forget, but to unveil and evolve.

To grow.