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I’m Tossing It ALL

posted by Heather January 12, 2018 0 comments

It’s happening.

I have the bug.

Thank GOD.

I have the spring cleaning bug.  Even though it’s SO not “spring” in New England, I’m getting that post-holiday bug that makes you feel totally okay just casually walking around your home and tossing every last thing that “doesn’t make the cut”…the cut that’s now so less hard to make than it is any other time of the year…into what now seems like an bottomless hole of a paper bag, or a plastic trash bag, or even a tote bag that you used to be fine with using but now that your cut line is so low that tote bag didn’t even make the bag because you needed something to toss everything into since the trash bag that you were using before is now at capacity and already in the trunk of your car ready to get dropped off at the dump the very moment the thing opens for business.

It’s almost scary how easy it is now, compared to how hard and gut wrenching it felt like only a couple of months ago.

Before you know it, you have no socks left to wear, no toothbrushes to pack for the overnighter to visit your in-laws, your kids have no puzzles or toys smaller than a mini-dump truck to play with, you can’t wear any sleeveless tops because you’ve tossed all of your strapless bras…in fact, you don’t have any regular bras (versus sports and yoga bras) or regular underwear (versus thongs) because you’ve had it with wearing the ones you’ve had for a length of time that you’re not yet willing to come to terms with.

Lamps?  Gone.

Charger cords?  Gone.

Summer shoes?  Gone.

Which I’m anticipating to be a problem when summer inevitably returns at some point.  But, that feels so far away and impossible given the recent trend in the temperature lately that if it ever does turn back into summer-shoe-weather…well, we’ll get to have an extra-special celebratory shopping spree to replace all of the shoes that just got tossed.

Be careful what you wish for Ben Bergeron, my minimalist-wishing husband.

Remember, babe.  I’m an all or nothing girl.

And, my “all” these days includes your underwear and socks, too 😉

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