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In Good Hands

posted by Heather May 8, 2018 0 comments

When I come home to visit with my parents, one of my very favorite things to do is walk around the house…especially, the basement and garage…and, laugh out loud about things like the sheer number of the exact same item they keep on hand in case the zombie apocalypse goes down. For example, the number of cans of Tire Foam my father keeps…and, has each one’s label facing the exact same direction.

And, wheel cleaner.

1,250 Q-TIPS. There are 2 of them living in this house. That’s 4 ears.

This is a LOT of green beans.

I’m NOT telling you who this is.

This just LOOKS like it hurt. Which I hear it did.

How Bode chose to watch Sea Biscuit.

I ask Jonah to cut his toe nails, and then I walk in on this. IN. MY. KITCHEN.


All of the parents in Harley Love’s class rallied and chipped in with these gifts for the teachers. I organized them into little gift bags, and the teachers will get a surprise gift each day this week. They TOTALLY deserve it. We have the BEST teachers over at The Tobin School. We are so lucky 🙂

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