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Wearing the button down that Jonah wore to our wedding over 10 years ago 🙂
This is a snapshot of a 10 minute FaceTime call of her using a Netipot in a public bathroom in her dorm.
My weekly acupuncture session is an hour better spent than any massage, facial, or any other self-care treatment I have ever received.
Purging our closets and mailing it out to ThredUP.
Our popcorn bags for the movies to see Dolittle in IMAX.
LOVED having an artificial tree.
Bogs will never cease to amaze me.
The Bergeron Train.
When you pull up for your kid’s wrestling match.
THIS squad. I LOVE.
Saturday morning dance class with Micha 🙂
And, our fearless leader, CARL.
Jonah’s team WON 🙂
Our cheering section.
Emma Gardner’s 17th birthday party.
LOVING the 800 Gram Challenge with EC Synkowski.
SO MANY little backpacks 🙂
My dental cleaning staff is FUN.
When you drop BOTH in the toilet by accident.
Sent this to Ben an hour before his flight to come home from sunny California.

Many of us are very good with being intentional about things like our workouts, our nutrition, and even our recovery.

We go into a sprint interval workout knowing exactly, down to the second, where we want our splits to be. We start our day knowing exactly how many grams of macronutrients we will eat by bedtime. And, we go to sleep at a predetermined time because we know that our watch will give us feedback in the morning on how recovered we are.

We do these things with intention because it’s easy to measure. Did we hit our times? Did we get in all of our carbs? Did we get 8 hours of sleep?

But, imagine what it would be like if we brought more intention into our conversations with others, how we utilize the time while we commute to work, or our mindset for the day?

Because how often do we talk to someone with the firm intention of learning as much as we can about them and what they’re “carrying” around that day? How often do we commit to using the 20 minute drive to work as time to reflect on how you can put yourself in your co-worker’s shoes to understand why they’re struggling hitting their deadlines? And, how often do we open our eyes in the morning and create a mantra for the day before we even pour our first cup of coffee?

Intention is hugely powerful, arguably more powerful when used at times when we don’t get a pass/fail on a C2 Rower screen or our macro puzzle zeroes out just right by bedtime. Life is hard to navigate when we don’t know what direction we want to head or what principles we want to guide us.

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