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Introducing Jonah Keenan-Gallagher

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Jonah had a homework assignment that asked him to “introduce” himself to his teacher.  He was asked to write a letter to his teacher explaining what he was like, what he was interested in, and what made him who he is.

When I read it, I couldn’t stop smiling.

The whole letter made me so happy to see how he sees himself, and how honest he is with himself about the person he is.  Luckily, he was ok with the idea of me posting it here because I told him it was just too rich to not share with people 🙂

Hi Mr.Forteith!

Here are some things about me I think will help you to know me better: I enjoy sandwich making, listening to jazz music and classic music, watching classic movies like Casablanca, Singin’ In The Rain, Back To The Future, Can’t Buy Me Love, Swiss Family Robinson, and lots of others. I have trouble understanding the English in which Shakespeare writes his books which I have learned from reading Much Ado About Nothing, and I love playing football, squash and tennis. “Everyday” was probably my favorite book I was required to read in the past… like…forever. And I really miss the headphone rule from last year. Some of my best quiz grades are on vocab quizzes, I’m guessing probably because on a test you don’t really know what questions are gonna be asked but on vocab you know what’s coming. I am 25% Filipino from my Grandma, who was born there while her country was being attacked and my Grandpa met her at a popcorn stand. She ended up going to nun school so she didn’t kiss my grandpa until the day the got married. My dad met my mom through college and they ended up getting divorced when I was very young. My mom was then introduced to my step-dad, Ben, from one of her friends and my dad and step-mom met through E-harmony. My step-dad and mom now have 2 other kids named Bode and Harley and my Dad and step-mom have 2 other kids name Kennedy and Shaymus. The school I went to last year was a public school in Natick called Kennedy Middle School in Natick. They didn’t have Latin but they had English which was actually one of my best classes. Over the summer I went to Iceland for a week after school ended to visit a family friend name Katrin Davidsdottir and then ended up working at Camp Jabberwocky (a camp in Martha’s Vineyard for kids and adults with disabilities) for 2 and a half months, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I believe that I’ve gotten much closer with my brother since the beginning of my Nobles experience and can’t wait to get closer with all of the students and faculty. My parents have worked so hard to give me the life that I have today and I hope to return the favor by working as hard as I can to be as fortunate for my life as I am to have them in my life.




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