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It’s About Eating Nutrient Dense Foods

posted by Heather April 26, 2018 0 comments

From Jocelyn 😉

One of the biggest things on our radar when we’re picking out the foods we choose for ourself and for our children is  nutrient density.  Most of you are either familiar with that term or, if you aren’t, can probably figure out what it means.

Nutrient dense foods are foods that, calorie for calorie, have the most vitamins and minerals.

So, it’s not just about “eating lots of vegetables” or “getting in our protein”.  While it’s still about eating lots of vegetables, it’s more about eating a wide variety of vegetables and ones that have more to offer our bodies.

It’s about eating kimchi for it’s fermented properties that help increase our beneficial gut bacteria.

It’s about going out of our way to find locally grown, organic produce, dairy, and meats and poultry because we know how the food is being grown and raised.

It’s about getting organ meats into our diets regularly, and a variety of different kinds like liver, heart, and intestines.  And, LOTS of bone broth.

It’s about being diligent with Vitamin D supplements in the low-sun exposure months like the winter here in the Northeast.

It’s about getting in MCT oil, cacao powder, chia seeds and apple cider vinegar most days of the week.

It’s about eating whole eggs instead of egg whites, whole fat dairies instead of their low-fat or fat-free counterparts, and adding in kefir as much as I can.

It’s about learning more about and experimenting with things like dandelion root and kelp flakes.

Really, though, it’s about committing to eating for quality and not just to fill the numbers in My Fitness Pall app.

Numbers are good, but seeking out and eating the most nutrient dense foods available to you every day is the difference between good and great nutrition.


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