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its fiiiine im fiiiine

posted by Heather December 9, 2017 0 comments

ben’s Fire Marshall Bill never gets old. NEVERRR.

I signed up for Rosetta Stone so I can learn Spanish so I can sing the lyrics to the music I love dancing to so much. And, to be more worldly. But, mostly so I can sing and dance.  And, learn how to say, “The man runs.”

I dream about sleeping like this. Notice: STILL in that same tank top and sweater. I am DISGUSTING.

ok the truth of it is this: day 2 at home isnt as much “fun” as day 1 was.

and, while im not always a grammatically correct writer, i also can;t write this blog if i’m going to be hitting the delete key every 3 seconds, which is all the way off in right field as far as my typing span is concerned right now.  so ive decided to abandon all punctuation in an effort to at least say something, even if it’s (a) spelled wrong, (b) missing apostrophe’s, and (c) doesn’t make any sense because I changed my mind on what thought was coming out of my brain.

i am happy and grateful and know how lucky i am in life…

but, in all honesty, i’m also constipated, my shoulder feels like theres a bullet in it…in a few different places, my hair is greasy and gross, iv’e wonr the same tank top and sweater for the last 3 days, I forgot to brush my teeth this morning, ben has to sleep in  a sleeoing bag on our bedroom floor because he can’t sleep in our hospital bed that’s elevated at the head and feet to support the mayyybe 2 hours of sleep i’m currrnetly ggetting, and my spelling is getting worse by the second.  yes, i realize this.

but, i am KILLING the task of updating our holiday card address list.  whoopie.  and, i’ve been very good about eating clean which is a miracle because really all i want to do is eat tortilla chips, perfect foods bars, and drink coffee with a gross amount of cream and flavored creamer in it.

oh right back to being positive and happy

sorry my bad

it’s fiiine.  i don’t cry.  i feel sexy.

it’s fiiiine.

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