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“It’s Gonna’ Be A Hell Of A Story”

posted by Heather September 25, 2017 0 comments

Ben in an elevator. At 8am in Chicago.

Harry wrote up a workout for Jonah at CFNE in case he came in to train. But, he didn’t 🙁

Maya’s set up at the Charles River Coffee House.

Little Baby Harley Love’s bedroom at night is the sweetest place in our home.



Julian Edelman’s words echo in the back of my head every day:

“Let’s go, baby.  Gonna’ be a hell of a story.”

He said these exact words to Tom Brady when they sat down next to each other on the bench at the 2017 Super Bowl.  The Patriots were down 21-3 at halftime, but Edelman…nor Tom…were ready to give up on this one.  They had put in too much, believed too much, and dreamt too much about winning the whole thing that they knew there was too much game left to just throw in the towel and let another team walk away that night with the trophy.

Well, there wasn’t really all that much game left considering how far behind they were…but, the game wasn’t over.  And, if you’re a Patriot’s fan, you know all too well that it’s just never over till it’s over.

Isn’t that the truth, though?

But, what I take even more from Edelman’s words are this:  great stories don’t come from stories that never go through hardship, tragedy, set-backs, a climb from behind, a weakness overcame, a struggle, tears, real pain, a drop in momentum, embracing humility, unexpected challenges, people telling you to give up, or the perfect plan not going perfect at all.

Because if a story is great from beginning to end, you can’t learn anything about hope since it was never lost in the first place.

I don’t want to live my life telling my family and friends stories of no real worth.  I want to spend my life being able to those great stories of hard work, perseverance, honor, grit, pride, endurance, commitment, true loyalty, and believing in magic when it feels like that’s all the hope you may have left.

It doesn’t have to be of some epic Super Bowl battle, either.  I think about it every time Bode is scared to participate in jiu-jitsu, soccer, and gymnastics and we have to spend the entire hour trying to use every ounce of our coaching skills to get him to go for it.  I think about it when Jonah decides to play football for his Fall sport, and has never so much as watched a football game from beginning to end in his entire life..  I think about it when Maya tears her ACL and can’t compete in athletics for 10 months.  And, I think about it every time I’m told I have to have surgery and that I may not be able to compete at the level I want to anymore.

“Let’s go, baby.  Gonna’ be a hell of a story.”

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