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Judah Smith: “Tell Me Your Story”

posted by Heather May 21, 2018 0 comments

I, literally, have NO IDEA how I got out of drop-off this early. How did I get there at 7:57, walk in, drop both kids off in their classrooms, and walk out 4 minutes later. It’s not possible.

During HL’s ballet class, Bode and I walked to the center of town to get books at the library, stopped for a piece of pizza, and walked back in the PERFECT weather. It was DREAMY.


I listened to a great podcast on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu when he interviewed a Christian pastor, Judah Smith.

There were SO many great takeaways for me from this one, but the one that I’ve been thinking about the most had to do with something he said was so unique and special about the way his father impacted him.

He said that his father was the sort of person that, upon entering a room, would make it his mission to find the one lonely person, the one that people weren’t talking to, and seek that person out and he would at some point say, “Tell me your story.”  And, he would really listen.  He would genuinely make that person feel welcomed, like they belonged, like they were cared for and loved.

As someone who is super chatty and usually walks around the world with a huge amount of energy, it’s not in my nature to seek out the quiet, more reserved personality types.  It’s easier and more “fun” to just strike up conversations with people that are just like me.

But, what good is that doing for anyone?  Is that challenging me to be more open-minded and force me to understand what it’s like for other people to be in a room with people like me?  Is it doing anything to help those other people feel comfortable in my presence or like they are being given an opportunity to express and contribute their voice?

In my own experience, there is nothing quite like feeling unwelcome or transparent in a room full of people…or, even just a couple of people.  And, I certainly don’t want to be even partially responsible for making someone feel like that.

So, I’ve been trying really hard to get out of my comfort zone and find that person in the room, that person in the grocery store, or that person on the sidelines at Maya’s games, that no one else is really noticing or making small talk with.  I’m trying to spend my energy on finding and learning about those people because I know their story and their voice is full of the sort of things I will never discover if I don’t make the effort to reach out a little further than I am used to.

And, I know there’s a magic in that sort of human connection that just isn’t possible by hanging out with your twinsies all of the time.

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