The Good Life

Just Smile.

posted by Heather October 5, 2019 0 comments
Heading in with the kids to volunteer at BOKS, like we do every Thursday 🙂
The Daily Brew keeping it real on the Cape while we’re away.
A friend recently asked me which Yeti do I use the most and like the best. THIS is the one.
Keri and Maria gave these to me as part of my birthday present to sneak in to the kids’ lunch bags, pockets, etc.
Maria made me dinner 🙂
Tori’s presentation on elbow injuries during our staff meeting.
Apple Picking field trip at Honey Pot Orchards with Harley Love’s Kindergarten class.
Lisa, Maria, and Harley Love’s forehead.

It’s a matter of twisting our thoughts, and finding a better perspective on life as it happens around us, isn’t it?

Like when Bode finds a huge bag, goes up to his bedroom, fills it up with as many LEGO’s as he can, brings it downstairs, and starts unloading all of them onto the living room coffee table where we all spend our time together and try to put our cups and books down.

The reactive side of my brain gets frustrated: it’s messy, I’m stepping on LEGO guys with my bare feet (which is about as comfortable as a Razor scooter swinging around into your shin), and I’m now looking at a bunch of toys rather than Gwyneth Paltrow’s beautifully designed cookbook cover.

My responsive side is quick to twist that frustration into the kind of joy that instantly brings a smile to my face: our children are growing up in a family that desperately wants to be around one another. Would I rather him prefer to play alone, by himself, up in his room? Do I want children that disappear as soon as we walk in the door? Is an empty coffee table and tidy house more important to me than having my loved ones physically close to me to spark conversations and make memories together?

It’s the same thing with people that hang out at the gym after their class talking and laughing together, but distracting the next class. Would we rather work out at gyms where people put their headphones on as they walk into the gym, and never take them off again until they walk out? Yes, they could be more mindful and respectful, but we could also think bigger picture and be grateful that we have the strong community that we do.

When I find myself reacting and getting frustrated, I fix it with them simplest physical solution that I know how to: I smile. Whether anyone is around me or not, the act of smiling is all I need sometimes to get my brain into a better place.

Just smile.