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Lead By Example

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Sent this to my 8:30 squad informing them that I was still, in fact, at the gym training at 11:47 while they were all watching soap operas and popping bon bons, probably.
My classy friend, Meredith.
Sent this to Lynsey, my fashionable friend that handed down this jacket to me đŸ™‚
How have I NEVER heard this song before? I LOVE IT.
The wind over here was VICIOUS.
Jonah’s hanging out with his rock star uncle in his recording studio for the next few days. And, LOVING every second of it. I tell him he should drop out of school and make music. His dad wants to kill me.

How ass-backwards is the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do?”

Totally fair if your coach has mobility issues and is trying to demo overhead squats to a class and wants them to know that he or she is doing their best, but is moving poorly.

But, in most other cases, it’s the opposite of the life lesson that I’m currently trying to drill into my young kids these days.

“Lead by example.”

It’s one thing for me to tell my kids that they should put their family first, be honest, work hard, spread happiness, and be humble. But, if they don’t see Ben and I living our lives by those 5 family values that are written in big block letters on our kitchen wall, why would we expect them to accept and adopt those characteristics into their every day lives?

Preachers are exciting and all to listen to, but once the preaching’s over and the audience has disappeared, how is that preacher actually living their life? What is he or she consistently putting out there in the universe? Are they living out the people they are asking us to be?

What someone does carries a lot more weight than what they say they do.

We say family is the most important thing, but do we complain about our spouse and our kids to people when they’re not around?

We say honesty is essential, but are we really honest with our spouse and close friends when we have an opinion about something that would really rock the boat?

We say work hard, but do we chase down weaknesses that challenge our ego or are we just working on things that aren’t really that hard for us?

We say spread happiness, but are we complaining about traffic, the weather, and our busy schedules?

And, we say we are humble, but are we really seeking out advice and suggestions on how to live our lives better?

Practice what you preach, and ask people to do as you do…not as you say.

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