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Learning The Ropes Of The Yacht Club

posted by Heather July 4, 2017 0 comments

At least he’s getting “exercise”.

My go-to when on vacation and you haven’t had time to stock the fridge yet: broccoli slaw with scrambled eggs and egg whites. It’s not delicious, but it leaves room for a cocktail at sunset.

The view from our bedroom patio 🙂

One of those last minute executive decisions I made when we were walking out of the house on the way out for the summer: bringing a bag of train tracks for early mornings and mid-afternoon play time while one kid naps and the other has to stay home with you instead of go down to the beach.

Genius. Making this for the 4th of July BBQ.

Harley Love with her Mammay 🙂

*6:30ish. Ben says the only thing that runs on time in Megansett is the 4th of July Parade, and that’s only because the town rents the fire truck and they’re paying for the time. This sign confirms that, I guess.

We’re doing our best to settle into a rhythm (thank GOD for spell check, as I don’t think I will EVER learn how to spell that word correctly) out here.  A month is a long time to spend at a new place; it’s long enough that you want to bring things that are part of your normal routine, but not so much that you feel like you’re moving in permanently.

Unfortunately, that line is like 10 shades of grey for me.  So, I just bring it all.

It’s even like that when we walk down to the yacht club.  Which, for the record, is deceiving.  The Megansett Yacht Club isn’t actually a home for a single “yacht” that I know of.  It’s more of a glorified snack shop-game room-covered picnic area-place to keep your kayaks and small sailboats, and awesome place to go if your kids like swimming to a raft with a slide on it.

It is PERFECT for families with kids our kids’ ages.

But, we all talk about how if we didn’t have kids, it would be the last place on the planet that we would go to if we were looking to spend some time on a beach.

Again, though, it’s is heaven on Earth for families with pre-college aged kids (that’s newborn through drivers licensed aged kids, not just 15-17 year olds).

What I’m discovering, though, is that my kids don’t know how to efficiently walk to destinations in an effort to get from point-to-point.  They’re very much able to “walk”, but if you’re trying to get from one place to the next, it literally takes 3-5 times longer than it would take the normal human being who doesn’t need to stop every time they see a flower in someone’s front lawn or a twig laying across a sidewalk.

In fact, they somehow even think the middle of a road is perfect spot to drop and have a quick meltdown.

Like, right in the middle of the road.

Back to my original point: even packing up our wagon for the walk down to the yacht club looks ridiculous.  We have it piled high with chairs for every individual in our family, a towel for each person, snacks, bags in bags in bags, life jackets, and enough reading material for the entire summer.

The reality of the situation is that you spend most of the time either standing at the snack bar waiting for your order or walking around chatting with people about how the rest of the year’s gone so no one uses any of the chairs you’ve hauled down there.  To make those matters worse, the chairs are what take up so much room in the wagon that there’s no room for the kids to sit in it while you make the walk that really only needs to take about 5-6 minutes.  It’s so warm that no one needs a towel because you dry off in less that 5 minutes after you get out of the water.  There’s a snack bar that serves hot dogs and Freeze Pops, so your kids under the age of 5 don’t give a damn about your cucumbers and grapes that you meticulously cleaned, dried and packed in perfect little bags for them.  And, in all honesty, there is not one word that is going to be read on that beach this summer from your “summer reading books” in your bag because if you take your eyes off your kids for more than 45 seconds they’ll end up floating out towards Martha’s Vineyard or ordering so many Freeze Pops that they end up throwing up all over your well-thought-out-packed-wagon.

So, Day 1 at the Yacht Club is in the books and I’ve learned my lesson: leave the chairs at home, 1 towel is more than enough for 3 people, just make sure your snack bar account is full of $, invest your time in teaching your kids to swim so well that they don’t need Swimmies, and ditch the books.

You can read in the bathroom in the peace and quiet of your own home.

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