LEGO Drama

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I forgot the coconut oil, but Bode likes them this way…and, there’s less fat which is good since there’s so much PB. Not too shabby 🙂
This is NOT what it looks like. Well, it’s half of what it looks like.
Trying to sell these puppies on Facebook Marketplace. Our kids MAY have sat in them twice in the last 3 years.

You guys, I wish you were there last night to witness me at an all-time parenting low.

While we were on the Cape this summer, a nearby library would run a weekly LEGO Club that was open to all kids to come and, in an organized guided fashion, build creations for an hour and have them displayed at the end for all to see.  We, myself included, looked forward to it every week.  Almost nothing would pull us off the beach in the middle of a sunny summer day…except the LEGO Club.

When school started this Fall, I saw a flyer at Bode’s school promoting a weekly LEGO Club that his teacher was running after school.  I.  WAS.  PUMPED. 

I almost wanted to sign up for it.

The flyer indicated that registration for all after-school activities would go Live at a certain time on a certain day.  I, obviously, put the date and time right in my calendar, as well as a notification to remind me about a half hour ahead of time to sign him up so he wouldn’t get bumped out of it.  When registration went Live that night, I got online within a few minutes and signed him up.  I even booked each of the sessions in my calendar so I wouldn’t overbook any of us with another activity.

So, you can imagine my fury when I received an email about a week later informing me that he, unfortunately, did not make it into the afternoon program and that his name would go onto some infinitely long wait list.

Look.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  I know what “waitlists” are and how they work and how they, in reality, don’t even actually exist.  I know being “waitlisted” is as good as being full blown REJECTED with no hope of ever getting IN.

I’m just not the type to just deal with rejection.  So, I immediately contacted our town library and got to business finding out if they, too, offered a LEGO Club program.  Which they did not.  So, I asked if I could start one.  Which they politely said, “We’ll look into it.”  Again, I’m not new here.  I know that means they’re going to get a good solid laugh over their lunch break about the psychopath Mom that wants to start a Club because her kid didn’t get into the one at his school.

Which is exactly who I am, but I’m not entirely proud of that.

Needless to say, this little game of Heather-getting-nowhere didn’t get much further than that.  I eventually decided to ‘just deal with rejection’…like, across the board…and, daydream about summertime LEGO Club.

That is until Bode’s school sent out a flyer again last week announcing the next session, which included another LEGO Club program.  And, you can bet your high horse I got to work on setting as many alarms as my Gmail Calendar would allow me to on the day that this registration was to go live…which was last night.

I do sort of wish someone were in my house with me to see the electronic fury that was going off every 2 minutes leading up to registration time.

No, actually, no I don’t wish anyone saw that.  Because that, too, I am not actually proud of.

And, would you guess what happened?  At 6pm, which is when the site was supposed to go Live…and, I had timed dinner perfectly, screened 3 phone calls, informed the kids that I was off-limits for a brief period of time, and poured myself a nice glass of chardonnay…would you believe that the site DID NOT GO LIVE?  Like, for the longest 4-5 minutes of my life.

You should’ve seen the frantic texting I started up with my Mom friends trying to figure out if this was really happening.  At one point, I may or may not have called my friend Jess a bitch because she jokingly told me the site was working for her and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong on my end.  And, I wasn’t joking.  Although, I did eventually admit that that was well-played because I believed her.

I will also admit that I felt a stronger bond with Charlotte who replied, “I would’ve smashed all electronics if it didn’t work within 5 minutes.”  She’s my favorite now.

So, we’ll see what happens.  I’m just saying that I have a backup plan this time. 

This girl doesn’t get burned twice.

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