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Liza Got Me Pregnant Last Night

posted by Heather March 28, 2019 0 comments
I miss these incredible sunsets on the Cape. Soon enough…
Bode and Harley Love in the same class time at gymnastics 🙂
Brad pieced this little gem together for me of what his kid would look like if Katrin was it’s mom. **normal**
The guys at Scrubadub spent some extra time on the drawing for me today!
My library bag is starting to get obnoxiously heavy.
THIS is gold. Seriously. So creative and such cool angles on how he sees the world.
I do this because my kids are fantastic at mindlessly eating carrots while driving around in the car in the afternoon. It’s like the opposite of what we try to do as adults with mindFUL eating.
Sent this pic to Harry as an example of how to pack the kids’ lunches and snacks for the next couple of days that he’s taking care of them for us.
Tori presented the coaching staff an awesome progression for teaching athletes the bar muscle up.
Harley Love at her Kindergarten screening with Bode’s BEST EVER Kindergarten teacher who I swear is Lady Gaga’s twin, Ms. Araujo 😉 HOW is HL getting ready for Kindergarten already!?!
Could not be a more dangerous sport for me to try to take up at the ripe age of 42, with a slew of overuse injuries. Ben wanted to KILL me.
Max Isaac has one of the friendliest smiles I have ever seen.
Because what’s better than ONE label maker? That is right, my friends. TWO.
Walked in on Bode writing this on the kitchen wall today.
When Daddy supervises the getting-dressed-process in the morning.
Liza telling me about her dream about me being pregnant last night.
BIG TREAT at BOKS today: Daddy came to help volunteer coach with me! *and, Bode lost one of his front teeth yesterday*
*I’m confused.

I swear I’m pregnant. I’m not, but you never know. And, if I’m not, someone’s trying real hard to mess with me.

My face is breaking out, which it never does. I was up most of the night with heart burn, which I haven’t had since I was pregnant last time. I weighed more this morning than I think I have since I was pregnant last time, which is weird because I’ve been on a stupid-strict Aruba-level diet in anticipation of wearing a bikini for the next 4 days. And, it just dawned on me that I got my IUD right after we had Harley Love, and she turns 5 in June…which concerns me because Mirena’s only last 5 years.

So, just to get Ben on board with why I was so panicked, I told him…while I was mid-tooth brushing…that I think I’m pregnant. He didn’t take me seriously…until I dropped the Mirena piece on him. Then, it all got a little more real.

THEN, I get a text message from my ex-husband’s wife, Liza:

“I had a dream last night that you were smoking and pregnant and I was giving you this long lecture and you had been hiding it from everyone and didn’t care …. well you have officially made it into my dreams. Oh and when the baby was born the plan was that I was going to take care of it….so I was pissed you were smoking.”

So, we FaceTimed her and had a nice little laugh over the actual possibility that I could be pregnant. Which kind of horrified me because the irrational part of my brain has always made me believe that you can get pregnant with twins if you have sex while you’re pregnant. And, since I didn’t think I was pregnant, and…you know what…I’ve now turned this into a twin pregnancy in my head that is all real and not just a possibility.

Liza, of course, wrapped up the most ridiculous conversation with your ex-husband’s wife of all time with a friendly, “Well, have a fun time in Aruba! Remember to wear sunscreen!”

Finally, …well, I hope ‘finally’ in that I hope there’s no more “signs” to be had for the rest of the…ever…, I am scrolling through my Instagram feed and find THIS post informing me that I will, in fact, be getting pregnant this year. Like, for real? None of my friends’ names are on there: no Ally (it’s close to Allison, but it’s off by enough that I can’t count on it), Claire, Darcy, Meredith, Jocelyn, Katrin, Tori, Missy (there’s a Melissa, so maybe I can drag her down with me this year), Jana, Tracy, Liza, Charlotte…WAIT, THERE’S A JESSICA and Jess Roy could DEFINITELY be game for another kid…she TOLD me that. So, SHE’s pregnant, too, I guess.

We’re on a flight to Aruba right now, so while I tried to find a pregnancy test in Logan Airport, I had no luck and am now totally over-analyzing everything on this 5 hour flight like a total over-aged psychopath that does NOT want any more kids, but feels the need to say that I’d be “thrilled” if we found out we were pregnant. Which I wouldn’t be, but you can rest assured that is what I will tell everyone if I see a pink little plus sign on the first test I can get my hands on.


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