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Losing My Scorecard

posted by Heather August 25, 2019 0 comments

I have spent most of my life living by a score card. Measuring my output, progress, and even intake is what gave me comfort in being precise and consistent. It was never driven by a passion for mathematics so much as a stern commitment to be disciplined. And, while this mindset has served me very well in some ways, I have noticed something.

I am intentionally diverging from that highly structured course, trusting that everything will be ok. Possibly better.

Not better than what I was doing 5 to 10 years ago, but better for me now. Because I am in a very different space now than I was then. I have different goals, different commitments, and a different attitude about what brings me the happiness that I am in constant search of.

I am happier not weighing and measuring my macros every day.

I am happier not forcing myself to write and post on my blog daily.

I am happier not feeling the self-imposed pressure of using Rx weights and movements for every WOD.

I am happier meditating for whatever period of time works, rather than a strict 10 minutes because that’s what an app rewards me for doing.

I am happier not starting every day by stepping on a scale.

And, wwhile I used to be scared to live a life less calculated because I was worried I would lose my “edge”, I am finding that the timing is right to look at the art of discipline through a new lense. It’s a lense that I can still trust, I am excited to explore, and that is filling me with a unique happiness that I haven’t known until now.

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