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Make Time To Do It Right

posted by Heather November 28, 2018 0 comments

Why you may find a typo or 5 in my blog posts.

A quote from Albert Einstein has been hovering over me since I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago:

If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

I am always rushing.  I have so many ideas and projects and passions all tangled up in my brain that I want to squeeze into the 6 hours that my kids are at school.  Unfortunately, I am simultaneously really bad at time management…and, I am painfully stubborn.  So, everyday I insist on trying to fit everything in at the expense of doing things right.  I take every short cut I can.  Not surprisingly, things either end up messy and half-assed and just all-around not up to my perfectionist standards.  How do you like that?  A stubborn perfectionist over-committed all or nothing personality, all wrapped up into one human being.  My lucky family, right?  Nope.

The product of that perfect little storm?  Things like walls painted with uneven edges because I didn’t take the time to use the blue tape, cooking “concoctions” that are so salty that you can’t even eat them because I didn’t take the time to measure out the proper amount, and Christmas presents that need to get returned because I didn’t take the time to think through what people would want and just proceeded by just impulsively buying things that made no sense at all.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it and pretend that I’ve fixed it all and have suddenly mastered the art of slowing down, but I’ve made the first step and admitted I have a problem.  And, I’ve found Einstein’s quote that, literally, stops me in my tracks and makes me question the decisions I’m making about how to carry out a task.

It forces me to leave the appropriate time to make things happen.  It makes me calm down and find the good in otherwise seemingly tedious chores.  And, it makes everyone around me happier, calmer, and just like me more.  So, that’s a win.

It’s working.  Not all the time, but I’m better today than I was a month ago at it.  And, that’s how change happens.

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