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Married With Children, And SPLITTING Everything $$$

posted by Heather April 8, 2017 7 Comments

Coaching Ben through his “workout”.

Dan Delomba on Snapchat.

Kat’s DAD is here!!!

And, his name is “DAVID”. Do you even know how long it took me to figure that out?

This picture makes it look like she’s drinking wine. SABOTAGE. HATERS SURFACE.

One of my now favorite readers sent me this incredible box of Beauty Counter samples. SO EXCITED to try a company who’s focus is on using clean products AND keeping us healthy. Thank you so much, Cori!

Am I the ONLY one that lets their shower caddy get this nasty? FINALLY replaced it.

This is a NAPKIN that Leblanc sent me a picture of. Classic.


From Harry waiting for me in my car after training. YASSSSS!!!!

STOP with the negative, depressing, scary news PLEASE.

Just so you guys know, every day I need to sift through PAGES of spam comments to find ones that readers are actually writing. So, if it takes a little while for me to approve your comment, this is why 🙁

I dropped my red cow butter dish 🙁 Jonah is going to be devastated.


Also, SO GOOD 😉


So, I’m hanging out with a friend yesterday.  I ask her how her house-hunting/selling has been going.  She tells me about how they were just about to close on a deal when something or other fell through and the deal didn’t seem as good to her as it originally did.  Her husband, on the other hand, disagreed and wanted to just go for it.

So, she says, “I told him, fine.  Go for it.  But, I’m out.”

“Wait, what do you mean?  How were you ‘out’?”

“I told him he could go ahead with it, but I’m not putting in my half.”

“What the hell are you talking about with ‘your half'”?

“Well, if he wanted to put his money in, fine.  But, I wasn’t going in on it.”

“What do you mean?  You were going to split the house?”

“Yeah, we split everything.  He has his money, and I have mine.  We have no idea how much each other has.  He could, literally, have $100 in his account…or, $1,000,000.”

“Wait, so what happens when you go out for dinner?  You split it?  And, doesn’t that ever throw the wait staff off when you’re married with kids, but you’re splitting the bill???”

“Oh, no no.  He’ll pay for it, but then he’ll send me an email the next morning telling me how much money to transfer into his account.  If I go grocery shopping, I send him his half and he transfers it into my account.  If I go to Target and get clothes for the kids, stuff for the house, and stuff for myself, I send him what his portion of the bill should be…and, it gets transferred over.”







“Well, that’s my personal nightmare.  I would be a freaking HOMELESS person if we lived like that.”

And, the idiot that I am goes running home to tell Ben and his Dad about this set-up.  They’re like, “WHAT?  THAT’S A THING?”

And, Ben starts cracking up and just goes, “Sign me up for that system!”

Yeah, babe.  I don’t think so.


Elaine polito April 8, 2017 at 10:43 pm

You crack me up.. I miss you!!!

Heather April 11, 2017 at 3:30 pm


David Farr April 9, 2017 at 7:47 pm

That’s not a marriage. That’s a business partnership and not how marriage is supposed to work.

Heather April 11, 2017 at 3:28 pm

Sorry you feel like that, David. I don’t agree at all, but you’re definitely entitled to your own opinion.

simon April 10, 2017 at 4:33 am

we run the same system in our house, we have been together since college so it just grew from there.

We both earn similar ish numbers but we both put an amount in the joint account each month to cover bills/mortgage and a certain amount of grocery shopping. After that we split everything and thank goodness for banking apps that make that so simple and it takes less than 20 seconds. That said we do treat each other and the other day I asked my wife how much I owed for something and she said “that’s my treat” we each do it sometimes and its nice.

When my wife was on maternity, I obviously kicked more in to the account to make sure she had enough money each month to carry on with the split, sounds stupid some itmes. That said, we cant get mad at each other if someone buys something for themselves because as long as they are covering what we need in the house, what ever is left is theirs :).

I guess you would be a little stuffed if you moved to that model, that said what you do works for you.

Lydia April 10, 2017 at 11:45 am

I have a friend that does the same thing. It sounds so weird to me, but hey, to each their own. If it works – it works and more power to people who buck the system and do what is right and what works for them. Personally, I would say no thank you. We share the expenses of our life and although we don’t bring in the same amount monetarily, we both contribute to our collective “life” the same – so all the money we make goes into one pot and we share alike. We are two parts of the whole thriving together. But what I love about this is that there literally are NO RULES. We are allowed in life to figure out what works for us and our families and just do it. How freaking awesome of a life is that?!!! I’m discovering that as an adult, my parents didn’t always do the “right” thing for everyone, just the right thing for our family at that time. That doesn’t mean I have to live my life that way now. I get to determine what the “right” thing for my family, my situation, and my life. I’m discovering that it’s not about right or wrong – just different. Isn’t that rad?! (sorry for the book of a comment – I just love reading about people being different!!).

Heather April 11, 2017 at 3:24 pm

Totally agree with you Lydia!


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