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Mat Fraser Is Smarter

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Coach Ben just running his toddlers through a gymnastics skills session before bedtime.


Spent about 7 hours in the car driving Maya up to spend the week camping with my parents, Jonah, and my brother’s 3 sons at Point Sebago in Maine. I was such a good girl and packed my Paleo Power Meals up in my trusty cooler so I wouldn’t have to stop anywhere for creepy “healthy” food. I did, however, stop many times at Starbucks since I was wrecked from the 4.5 hours of sleep we all got last night after a late flight home from the west coast. I also “had to” swap cars with Ben’s Dad while he stayed at our house babysitting the kids for the day. Luckily, he has a BMW and was happy to let me use it for the day while he carted the kids around in the Suburban. I could get used to this life of a new Beamer every time I get in a car. Unfortunately, I’m starting to really, really like them. Scary.


Maya and I listened to the “Have a Great Day!” station on Spotify during our drive up. This little gem came on and I almost lost it. Used to LOVE this song!


I love the golf cart community lifestyle.


This poor kid is coming off a week of no sleep, running around the Stub Hub Center like a maniac for Castro, an 11pm return home last night (and, “had” to watch The Bachelor until I have no idea when), got up to train with me at 5am, and then had to pack all over again for a week sleeping in a tent with her brother and 3 cousins. Love that smile, My 🙂


My Daddy 🙂


Their little kitchen table for the week.


We needed to stop at Target on the way up so I could get some espresso in my system and Maya could buy a bathing suit since she forgot one.


My mother will be so fired up to see that the rose bush that she gave me isn’t dead yet. In fact, it’s flourishing!


There is NOTHING quite like coming home from a week away and finding your bags of Paleo Power Meals having just arrived full of kebabs, omelettes, hard boiled eggs, bacon, chopped salad, Cobb salad, tuna salad, salmon, sweet potato fries, cast iron chicken, and broccoli. Mommy made dinner! Haha 😉

There’s no question about Mat Frasier’s level of fitness this year.  He was untouchable at the Games, creating a lead between him and 2nd place that there was about 0% drama involved with the men’s competition.  You couldn’t even make up a story line that was interesting because the only story you could focus on was how insanely fit this guy was across the entire board of tests that Castro laid out for these athletes.

Mat came in 2nd place in 2014, and again in 2015.  But, when you watched him those last two years, you knew he was insanely fit then, too.  What was so obvious to me this year in comparison to the previous two years was this: Mat has become a far more mature and smart as an athlete.

When we saw Mat in the hotel on Saturday morning, he was telling us about how much food he had been eating.  He, himself, was shocked by (a) how much he had eaten throughout the weekend, and (b) how great he was feeling because of it.  He said he normally never eats any food in between workouts.

If you watched Mat get no-repped, like, 10 times on the ring handstand push-ups (which is probably one of the worst movements to get no-repped on), you were likely sitting in your seat like I was wondering when he was going to storm off the floor whipping his head back and forth in a fit of fury and lashing out about how pissed off he was at his judge for being so unfair to him.  Instead, he dealt with it, adjusted, and came off the floor unphased by it all because he was still able to finish in 4th place for that event.  Had this all happened last year or the year before, it would’ve been a totally different scene.

I will say that it’s no surprise that behind this hugely successful man, is an adorably loving and supportive girlfriend.  When I saw Sammy in the athlete area after the awards ceremony on Sunday night, you could just tell how committed this girl was to Mat.  They are an awesome couple that are giddy as if they were high school sweethearts.  Seriously, it’s adorable and seeing love like that makes my heart smile 🙂

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Moe July 27, 2016 at 9:00 pm

I love Sammy and miss her at 5 am!


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