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Maya Came Home & Kat Moved Back In With Us :)

posted by Heather April 8, 2019 0 comments
Really, CVS? I bought ONE item, and received a receipt that’s longer than my entire body.
Ben on welcoming home Maya: “LOUD NOISES! LOUD NOISES!”
Nothing about this child is subtle.
Charlotte. KILLING it. And, her battery life.
She caught me on my one glass of wine night of the week.
Apparently, Jess, too.
Lost his FOURTH front tooth.
**NOT camera shy**
How my kids enter the car.
THIS turns me on.
Our new favorite lunch spot in Natick Center, Dates & Olives.
This weather, tho.
All ready for a birthday party. **keeping it classy**
The second Ben leaves the house for an hour…
…the processed food comes out.
Keenan reunion at my nephew’s soccer game.
Ben and my brother, Mike.
Oath Pizza in Chestnut Hill 🙂
Bode getting lectured inside.
Harley Love got to stay for Bode’s friend’s birthday party, sooooo we got to have a lunch date. Untilll we got a text from another parent about Harley Love’s food allergies (which I didn’t bring anything for so she could have dessert)…AND, Bode getting his front tooth knocked out. So, we were then (a) the parents that left the party, (b) we left the allergy kid that wasn’t even invited, and (c) our other kid was the injury kid. Nice, Bergeron’s.
Finally got to work out with these smoke shows on Saturday morning 🙂
Daigle’s back with the gang!!!
We don’t eat pizza. You do.
THIS guy.
That there is the other tooth that’s no longer there.
Our cactus pear + dragon fruit smoothie 🙂
Surprised Harley Love at pick-up and she was ecstatic.
WHY isn’t the calomine lotion working on my heat rash from Aruba!?!
Oh, because we’re gross and have products that expired NINE YEARS AGOOOOO.
My messy lesson plan for the day.
It’s scary how competitive I get with him over Junior Scrabble.
JUST when I was thinking we were ready to downsize from the Suburban. And, now Kat’s back, too.

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