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Maya Tore Her ACL

posted by Heather May 22, 2017 0 comments

These two, both with their torn ACL’s, still managing to find a way to be happy even after Maya was just dropped the confirmation on the tear an hour before this picture was taken.

This cold egg whites + cold peppers and onions dish was disgusting, by the way. But, it worked.

While Maya was in her MRI, I took the kids to Nordstrom Rack. Would you believe I ONLY returned something, and didn’t buy ANYthing?

Me forging Maya’s signature. *NOT pretty

Sent this to Maya this morning. Love it.

The shirt that Ben wore when he went ring shopping for me before we got engaged. The jeweler told Ben he liked the shirt, and Ben told him that I designed it. The man then came out with the ring Ben ultimately bought for me because it reminded him of the shirt design that I made.

When I was a LuluLemon Ambassador, I was chosen to go to the Summit in Vancouver. This was one of the activities we did: a t-shirt with your goal written on the front for the world to see: With my husband, own the best CrossFit gym in the world…by August 2011. LOVE this 🙂

Our wedding bands that we had made by an artist in Wellesley. Neither one of us wear them. We just need to get tatoos. But, I DO wear my engagement ring all the time (the one chosen after the t-shirt design above).

I got the text from my father yesterday when I was in Albany, just before the final men’s heat began Event #5.

“Not good guys.  Maya hurt her leg and had to be assisted off the field.”

I know Maya enough to know that she, in her entire life of playing sports since she was Bode’s age, that she has never been hurt so bad that she needed to be “assisted off the field”.

I knew something was wrong.

I called my dad immediately, who put Liza, Alex’s wife on, who confirmed that Maya was on the field for a good 10 minutes before they had to carry her off.  They were hoping that it was just something like an ACL sprain, but it could be a tear.  After going to the doctor’s house right after the game, it was seeming more like a better chance that it was an actual tear.

Me and the kids took her to her MRI this afternoon where we were all holding out hope that it was actually just a sprain.  But, it wasn’t.

The good news is that she didn’t tear anything else, but she did tear her ACL.  2-4 weeks of needing to get back to full ROM before they can do surgery on her, and then 6-9 months of recovery until she can start competing in sports again.

I can’t believe this is actually happening to her even though the very same thing happened to the captain of her team just a week ago, one of her best friends while playing basketball a few weeks ago, another LAX teammate just before the season, and Tess last year.  So, I’m not sure why I “can’t believe it’s happening to her”, but I can’t.

In all honesty, it’s been a pretty emotional 24 hours so I’m not going to go on much longer.  But, I will say this: if there is a kid out there that will somehow make the most of these next 6-9 months, it’s Maya.  It’s like Harry said to me today, “Something amazing will come out of this.  Something will happen in these next 6 months that could not have been possible if she was playing LAX full time.  Can’t wait to find out what that is.”

I love that.  And, I can’t wait either 🙂

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