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Meet Nichole Bernier: She’s Helping Me Write My Book

posted by Heather March 6, 2018 0 comments

The Natick Community Organic Farm barn is stunning at 8am.

When you go to Ben’s class at CFNE, you always walk away with more than you thought you would. Today’s lesson: if you blame and complain, you stay the same.


The contrast in the sky tonight was insane. The sun shining on the buildings, with a eerily dark sky behind means a Nor’easter is otw 😉

Printed and framed these these gems for Maya and her close friend, Alex. They begged me to get a good shot of their epic hug after team huddle right before every game starts. I got lucky and ended up with this shot. Maya told me it’s her favorite picture ever. So, I made sure they both had a copy to keep when Maya leaves for college and Alex finishes one more year at Nobles.

Dinner 🙂

*his little body. the cutest.

Where I’m starting. And, I am SO excited to, literally, turn the page of this ‘Heather Bergeron’ beautifully engraved journal that Harry gave me for Christmas…and, see what happens.

I have no idea where this road will take me, or if it’s even a “road” at all…but, I’m finally making a move.

I found a good lead on this wonderful woman, Nichole, who is an author out here who lives in the next town over from us.  On paper, everything sounded good: she’s a highly acclaimed, highly experienced author, she’s close by so we can meet face-to-face (which is important to me), she just looks really happy, she’s a mother of 5, and she seemed flexible in her emails to me.

But, when I met her in person today, she was even better than I even dreamt she could be.  Nichole was so open-minded, super easy to talk to, was excited that I wanted to skip the publishers route and do it all myself, and gave me exactly what I wanted and needed: homework and someone to be held accountable to.

This little journal is going to come everywhere with me and I’m going to just get some ink on it.  And, whatever goes in it, I’ll share here along the way.

So, stay tuned.

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