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Megansett, Cape Cod

posted by Heather July 16, 2017 0 comments

Kicked the day off with a partner workout with Ben, and then did some “training” with the kids.

For some reason, I LOVE this bus that is parked along Upper Cape CrossFit’s running route. They should totally make a logo with that for a t-shirt, or something.

I just think it’s hysterical that Ben preps his training and programming for the world’s fittest athletes in this playroom. Sort of like a psycho-person. But, not really.

Maybe one of my favorite things to watch Baby Harley Love do: push cars.

But, a girl’s gotta’ love on her flowers, too.

Ben’s brother, Kyle, is in town and picked up their mom for a little sailboat ride this morning. SO cute watching the two of them sail off together 🙂 These boys sure do love their mama.

I LOVVVVVE watching the kids run around on the lawn in front of the house. Tag just never gets old, does it?

I know I write about this exact same topic every summer, but I can’t say it enough: there is nothing quite like watching your babies grow up running around on the very soil that you got married on.

Ben and I got married on the lawn in front of his mom’s house on the Cape in Megansett, the same place we come back to spend a lot of time every summer at.

Because of that, we get to see our kids on it playing wiffle ball, running around playing tag with the neighbors’ kids whose house we rented to house all of our family for our wedding, making obstacle courses, doing the ice bucket challenge, watching our Games athletes train for that year’s competition, push cars around, and just walk around with us all summer.

I knew it was a special spot when we decided on it almost 8 years ago, but I didn’t quite realize how special it would be every year that passed as our family grew together.

I, literally, stand on the deck looking out on the lawn most times that we’re over at Susan’s now and try to bring back to memory everything from that incredible, magical day.  Everything from the way Maya and Jonah looked back then, to the first site I got of Ben out in his handsome tux standing next to Derek (still one of our very best friends to this day), the view of the water and the grass and the house that we visit all the time, our friends and family that we still stay connected to this many years after, the shawls that my mother and I sewed for my bridesmaids, the couples who are still together…and, some that are not, the speakers (Harry, Rob Gilfeather, and Lauren Plumey), my hair that one of still best friends did for me that morning (Jocelyn Leydon), the ribbon that Ben’s mom knew I would love the color of so she bought enough to last for years.

Megansett is so special to me, to Ben, to our whole family.  And, I love that we get to spend every summer raising our family here.

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