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Miami Photo Post: Day 2

posted by Heather May 8, 2016 0 comments

We rallied this morning and met up to go Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach at 8 AM because you need to earn a full afternoon of laying at the pool, eating tortilla chips, and drinking wine.

Jason Wooly, one of the owners of CFMB, was AWESOME.  Super friendly, fun to hang out with, and made us feel welcome right away.  We did a partner workout, a little team cash-out afterwards, and took more selfies than I think I’ve ever taken in a 20 minute span in my entire life.  We met some SUPER fun guys, Miguel and Frank, who shared some pre-workout Cuban coffee shots with us.  Hysterical.  We also ran into Liz Adams who is down here for a wedding.  She’s awesome, too.

We also decided to swing through the Whole Foods next door because I was stressing out about the prices of things at Fontaine Bleau: $6 for a small coffee, $18 cocktails, $7 waters, and food prices that make me consider intermittent fasting.  We stocked up on green smoothies, cream for the hotel room coffee, salsa, guac, kale salads, hard-boiled eggs, water, the greatest color combination on pair of flip flops I’ve ever seen, chicken salad, $3 bottles of wine, egg salad, and travel size lotion and body wash.  We spent $111 on what would’ve cost us, literally, hundreds more at the hotel.  I was fired UP.

When we got back to the hotel, we cleaned up and shot straight down to one of those circle beds by the pool that you can rent for the day.  That was the beginning of the end of me.  Everyone warns you about drinking in the sun and heat, but for some reason, I always think I have some sort of super power and that I’m the exception.  It wasn’t a disaster or anything, it’s just a lot of me spending the day “informing” Ben that we’re going out dancing all night…and, then my steady decline to me begging to go to sleep at 7 PM.

We did go out to a great sushi restaurant in the hotel where I think I spent most of the night holding my eye lids up with my fingers.

But, there certainly was no “dancing” that went on.  That’s for sure.

P.S. Did another “gallery” of photos, so you gotta’ click the little arrow on the side of the photo to scroll through.  I know, it’s exhausting.

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