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Missed Opportunities

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Normal way to study over breakfast.

One of the highest maintenance workouts I’ve done in a long time.  This is just my equipment.
So sad: James gave us this for Christmas one year.  It’s one of the last articles in this house from when Hobart lived with us.  I don’t typically get sad when things break, but this got me a little.
Yes, turns out electric toilets do have a button for emergencies that I can fall back on.
Yes, I’m one of those parents that sit in the car with their kids to watch one of their other kids’ lacrosse games.  What?  Bode was really, really happy watching Minions.  And, Love just didn’t want to put her shoes on.
Maya is one of the only kids on the field wearing nothing but a tank top and mini skirt.  LOVE that.
Yup.  Pretty happy in the car.
What UP, Iceland?  Sent this to Kat to let her know her people aren’t as pure as she thought they were.
Espresso at 5pm.  NOT a good idea.
Maura has been wearing her white CFNE Complaint Free World band since I gave them to the Field Hockey moms in December 🙂
Yes, I took a test because I feel fat.  And, no, I am not pregnant.  Not sure whether I’m happy or not about all of that.  Ben admitted that when I went in to take the test, he hoped that I was.  WHAT?
Maya made her own egg sandwich for dinner with bacon and avocado.  #NAILEDit
SINGLE DIGITS: only 9 power outages in the state of Massachusetts right now.  Impressive.
Ben: “Some say not to bite off more than you can chew.  But, I’d rather choke on excellence than nibble on mediocrity.”
Maya: “And, another Ben Bergeron Rocky speech.”

I would consider myself a pretty social person: I’m pretty good at figuring out what to talk about with people, I can divert conversations to a better place when I feel like things start getting negative, and I never get nervous about getting thrown into situations when I don’t really know most of the people there.

When all else fails, I can’t make people laugh.

I went to an event tonight where I only knew about 4 people out of the 50 that were there; 1 of them was my daughter, 3 were other parents that I’ve only had a handful of conversations with, and Bode and Harley Love.

I was really excited about this event because I have been wanting to start Maya’s season off right this year and have a good handle on who the other parents are, who all the girls on her team are, and just go into the season feeling comfortable with the other parents enough so that when I show up at games I don’t gravitate towards the end of the field instead of the bleachers.

I don’t know why, and I never see it coming, but at parent-involved events like this I walk up to the door feeling totally fine and relaxed, then I walk into the room and my personality shuts down, and finally I have a mini little panic/anxiety attack that sends me to the quietest, most removed table I can find.

I spend most of the time watching all of the other parents socializing and acting like the best of friends with each other, all while wishing I had relationships with them like they do.

Wow, that sounds a little more pathetic than I would want it to.  But, it’s the truth.

It got me thinking about how I behave in situations like this, but when I’m one of the people that has tons of friends in the room.

This happens all the time at our CFNE events: I have every intention of floating around and meeting all of the significant others of members who we don’t know, but inevitably end up talking about the same stuff with the same people that I spend every day with.

These are what Ben and I always talk about as missed opportunities.  They’re times when you could make great things happen and create great connections, but instead you end up missing out and going home having stayed still.

Look, you can either stay still in life, or you can work a little harder at digging up those connections that are out there everywhere you go.

There’s always someone at a social event that is sitting around feeling a little awkward or like they just don’t fit in for whatever reason.  I think of that happening all the time at something like a middle school dance or one of the first few days in the cafeteria in 7th grade.  But, really, these situations happen for the rest of your life.  Sure, it happens less frequently the older and more “experienced” we get.  And, maybe it’s just me, but I think I’ll ever entirely escape this.

This afternoon just reminded me that I want to make sure no one is ever in my presence that wishes they had someone to talk to to make them feel more comfortable .

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