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My 1 Piece Of Advice For Pregnant Women

posted by Heather April 13, 2018 0 comments

Julian, our guy at the gym that manages our personal finances too, is constantly trying to get me to be better about checking our mail more than once a week so he can get on top of our bills. I’m not being very helpful.

I wait, like, 20 minutes, then send him this pic. Just to get him going.


Found things growing this morning!

Just wish she was more feminine.

Close call.

Great news: the stool collection began this morning.

I get questions all of the time from pregnant women about how to train at different stages of pregnancy, what movements are off limits, and what my go-to movements were.

What I think is FAR more important, and more commonly overlooked and thought about wrongly, is the topic of nutrition.

Nutrition, in my opinion, is SO much more important for a woman to focus her energy on being disciplined and dialed in on than a consistent and effective workout plan.

Now, the two in harmony…well, that’s the best case scenario.

But, too often I’ll hear about how intent a woman is on going to the gym every day or wanting to only gain a certain amount of weight or be able to do strength training for the length of her pregnancy…but, then talk about how she’s taking the time to enjoy a more laid back approach to her “normal diet”.

I know what my close friends are thinking right now: “Oh my God, she’s talking about me!

In all honesty, I’m talking about TONS of women…not just my few close friends.  And, I’m not calling anyone for being a bad mother or awful woman.  I’m just saying that if I had one piece of advice to give an expecting friend, it would be this:

Take advantage of this unique and rare time of your life when you have 100% control over what is going into your child’s body and is, literally, laying the foundation for their health.

That is a huge thing.  Like, SO huge.  Because that scenario will never, ever happen again.  You will never have that complete freedom to decide what your kid eats every day.  You’ll have some say, but on a daily basis your kid is going to be picky about what they take in.

It wasn’t easy, but that was my motivation when I was pregnant: what I eat is directly affecting the developmental health of our child.  That’s what he/she was using to do things like make a brain and a heart and contribute to whether or not they will end up with allergies or sleep problems.  All of it is so connected to what the mother eats.

So, as much as I wanted to relax and eat some pizza or ice cream, I wouldn’t because I knew those things could be setting my unborn baby up for potential set-backs.

Looking back on it, I think my pregnancies with Bode and Harley Love were the healthiest my diet has ever been.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t into all of the organ meats and probiotic rich foods that I’ve discovered recently…but, it was the strictest I have ever been on myself with eliminating cheat foods and eating as clean as possible.

I’d rather save those cheats for a year or so after, when they’re done nursing, to indulge when I wanted to.

Hmm…maybe we should get pregnant again.

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