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My Columbus Day

posted by Heather October 11, 2016 1 Comment

That look you get for your 2 year old daughter confirming just how much trouble she’s going to be someday.


*the belly


Love demonstrating the “power position”, with a slightly bent arm.


The position an unfortunate number of my athletes use for the overhead squat.


Needed to get my poor lemon tree in from outside before tonight’s frost, so figured I’d recruit the help of my insanely strong family…while I followed around snapping photos and taunting them the whole time. The thing weighs, like, 200 pounds…and, is very oddly shaped to make it even more “fun”.


*Katrin’s little body stuck in the bush.


No, like, really.


“Umm, can you guys actually bring that to the corner on the other side of the couch? Please?”


Jonah practicing his card tricks on Kat.


And, THAT didn’t go as planned.


Harry gave me this new pimped out “professional” tripod for my birthday…and, some crazy cool lens to attach to my phone. Scary.


Half naked eating wild caught salmon out of the container. Totally normal.


Also, a very normal relationship for a boy and his sister.


Again, normal for your 2 year old to spend the entire day totally naked, climbing the outside of your stairs…while you sit and take photos of it all.


Jonah outgrew his ‘Natick’ plaid pajama pants, so I just trimmed them down and put them on Bode. I’m a designer.


Ben’s new allergy routine has him snorting up this medicine every night. Sexy tiiiiime.


Sorry, babe. No time to make dinner. Really busy doing “research”.


Maya’s game at Nobles against St. Mark’s with the entire fam 🙂


OMG. THE GIORGIO’S came by today with this KILLER birthday present…in blue, my favorite color! Unbelievable. Seriously, totally didn’t need to do this…but, I am PSYCHED that they did!!!

img_8717 img_8685 img_8681Well, it’s been an unusual Columbus Day over here.  Usually, at least Ben is home with me and the kids.  But, since he’s been away so much over the last couple of weeks, he needed to work a full day.

I actually like days like that every now and then when I’m home all day, but don’t feel guilty catching up on house stuff while Ben sits around entertaining himself.  Every guy reading this is cracking up at that statement because guys love entertaining themselves, versus the alternative of their wives entertaining them.

So, while I know it’s all in my head, I at least feel better about myself for just putting it that way.

Holidays also fall into the category of “weekends” when I’m deciding whether to let the kids watch television or not, too.

This morning, in particular, we were all working well together: the kids weren’t ripping each other’s heads off, they were doing a good job balancing play and tv time, we started a fire as soon as we came downstairs for coffee and breakfast, I managed to sneak at least Love in for a shower, and I was crushing my to-do list.

After yesterday’s reality check and my newfound attitude towards my knee and exercise-limitation situation, I’m also in a much better psychological place.  I’m not limping around almost at all anymore, which I find to be one of the more frustrating and mentally challenging movements for some reason, so I’m actually able to move around easily enough to get things done around the house.

The kids even happily went down for a nap at the same time, so I was able to do some work on my computer and…my favorite so far today…”manage to workout in my living room while I watched The CrossFit Games”.

When I say “my favorite”, I’m being 100% sarcastic.  I had to stay near the fire while working out because I was getting chilly from moving so slowly.  I was texting my sister-in-law in between movements.  And, I even genuinely thought about taking a break for a snack while I was doing sit-ups.  The best part: I didn’t even need to wear a bra because I was doing so little “work” during my “workout”.

I did my best to not feel like a complete slob in that situation while watching the fittest athletes in the world compete on television.  I’m actually proud of myself of not shedding one single tear.

When I finished, I sat down for a minute and decided to cash in on a gift card that EC had sent me for my birthday.  There was some problem with the code on the card, so I ended up calling their customer service.  While I was waiting for the woman on the other end to pull up my card information, I realized that The CrossFit Games had ended on DVR and whatever channel was originally on had come back on.  So, I’m sitting there in silence other than the sound of the tv in the background, playing “Days Of Our Lives.”

Do you even know how humiliating that was!?!  DAYS OF OUR LIVES!?!  Are you KIDDING me!?!  Here’s how humiliated I was: I didn’t even bring it up to the woman and make light of the fact that Days of Our Lives was on in the background.

That, my folks, is where I draw the line in being “unfiltered”…when soap operas are playing in the background on my television in the middle of the day.

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Sean October 11, 2016 at 8:57 am

Judge Judy at 2


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