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My Comeback Tour Week: Friday

posted by Heather August 13, 2017 0 comments

Ok, yes, she fell on the edge of a table and split the side of her eye open in two spots…but, I feel like we need more to talk about her lips. Can I get myself a set of those, like, at a local CVS or something?

I may have spent too much time on this.

The biggest, heaviest, roomiest cooler I have ever owned. It may be bigger than our refrigerator.

Bode has far too much fun when HL gets scolded for something. He also clearly needs to eat more.

Our entire family could fit in this thing. Should we?

My new FAVORITE adult drink 🙂

Shelby just making herself comfortable…and, looking like she’s on the cover of Vogue 😉

CFNE Social at Hotel Indigo…and, just a light snack for this guy.


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