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My Gift Giving Go-To’s List

posted by Heather June 6, 2018 0 comments

Poor little Liv 😉

When Jill shows up at the same time as your kids at CFNE.

Maya and I FINALLY got to meet Ally’s little baby, Finnley Marie 🙂

Fine, let’s have another baby, Ben. Wait. WHAT?

Bode disappeared for 20 minutes and then shows me how this is what he was doing that whole time.

Literally, did all of this on his own. LOVE how symmetrical this is.

‘Tis the season for gift giving, isn’t it?

For starters, I feel like early Fall must be mating season; it’s like everyone’s birthday is in May and June.  Every week you’ve got at least one or two birthdays to celebrate, both kids and adults alike.

Then, Father’s Day always sneaks up on you, which is always fun because we all know how hard it usually is to find a gift for a guy.

Then, there’s the end of school…and, our 4 kids go to 3 different schools.  So, that’s something I’ve gotta’ start mentally wrapping my head around a couple of months ahead of time.

Finally, if you’ve got kids in afternoon activities, and our little kids alone have 5 between the two of them, that usually end around the same week as school.  So, that’s added to the list of people to thank with something.

No, none of it is “necessary”…I just feel like it’s a nice opportunity to do something personal to say thank you to people that have taken such good care of you and your kids all year.  Because it canNOT be easy to keep up the sort of energy and patience that we are lucky to have in our lives with all of these people.

And, I also feel like it’s hard to keep up our creativity with ideas on what to do for all of these people.  So, I figured I’d share mine for this year while there’s still time to pull something together.

Birthday gifts: I just designed some super cute t-shirts for CFNE of 9 different things T-Rex doesn’t like (rowing, wall balls, handstand push-ups, etc.).  They actually came out great, so all kid birthday party gifts are going to be those t-shirts.  I also just swung by to see Ally and her baby, Finnley, and brought her an initial necklace of an F that I got on Etsy.  I love that “place”.  It’s dope 😉

Father’s Day: Etsy is perfect.  The stuff on there can be personal, unique, and thoughtful.  I got Ben the sign I posted pictures of yesterday that we’ve been talking about for years.  It was kind of pricey, but he LOVES it as much as me and the kids all do.  Our neighbors even took a picture and texted it to me telling me how much they liked it, too.

Teacher/Coach gifts: I got different people different things, but I definitely did LOTS of those CFNE shirts because our kids have the little versions of the exact same ones that we’re giving them in adult sizes (like Bode’s gymnastics coach and Harley Love’s ballet teacher).  Every year, I also do herb or vegetable bowls that I pot and plant myself.  I LOVE this because it’s something that they can grow, care for, and actually use for food as the year goes on…and, now the kids are old enough to help me plant them.  Teachers LOVE them 🙂  I also go through my phone and find photos of the teachers and/or the kids, print them in an hour at CVS, and get really nice frames from Home Goods and wrap them all in fun wrapping paper.  I try to pick out photos that are from a while back in the school year which is always fun to look back on.  Finally, I give a bunch of them a bottle of the wine that has been the TOP winner at our New Years Eve wine tasting party every year, Paxis.  It’s an inexpensive red that is phenomenal.

I’ve also invested in really nice personalized stationary that I love sitting down and using to write pretty thoughtful thank you’s on.  I think it means a lot when someone puts in a real amount of time and heart into thank you cards, and since these people have cared so well for our kids all year, I remind myself that it’s the least I can do to show them how grateful we are for them.

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