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My Gold Fish Saga

posted by Heather April 5, 2016 2 Comments
Working with Harut on an entirely new look for this blog.  He asked me to put something together for a logo.
This is what I threw together to get the ball rolling.
Nipple band-aids on a walrus.  How could I not?
Kat’s in Iceland 🙁
This is one of those products that I just don’t think is entirely necessary for me to make space for in my kitchen drawer.
Where I found the will power to walk away from these little gems is a complete mystery to me.
Harley Love when I tell her to smile for a photo…
and, Bode when I ask him to smile.
Massachusetts just KILLING it with controlling power outages during a snow storm.
I LOVE Larry’s April Achievement so far: “1 toe to bar.”  I wish I was there to watch him work for this.  So cool.
What is she dreaming about right now?
Tried to get all creative and actually cook something other than a stir fry.  Here we have me attempting to make stuffed peppers.
Why you should take your time when you fold your sheets.
This fires me UP.
We’re on a kick with Jonah that he does something for exercise 5 days a week.  He’s been running a lot lately, so I told him to do some strength work today.
Workout 1:Every 2 minutes, alternate between 10 front squats and 10 push presses…for 12 total minutes (3 sets of each movement).
Workout 2:10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Calories on the rower
Bench press
Bode made this fire with Ben.
The kids got to have make-your-own-pizza night because it was snowing.  What?
Jonah has totally taught himself how to play the ukelele.  He is really good and he’s only had the thing for a month.  Tonight I walked into the living room to find him in front of the fire cycling between reading Harry Potter and playing some sweet melody on his ukelele.  It was magical 🙂

I honestly hate admitting to this, but man alive am I needy.

Seriously, I have no idea why Ben puts up with me.  It’s like this: I have a family of six and if at least one of them is not within a 10 foot radius of me at all times, I start feeling lonely.

It’s unbelievable.  I can’t figure it out, either.  I grew up in a family of 4: Mom, Dad, brother, and me.  Periodically, we had a gold fish, but that was it.  To this day, I’ve never owned a pet other than a gold fish.  Ever.  I love them, I just have never had one.

This has nothing to do with what I was planning on writing about, but it’s funny so I’m going for it.

Since I’ve left home for college in 1998, I’ve owned two gold fish.  The first one, Perry, was named after the Chicago Bears defensive tackle from the 80’s and 90’s.  He was enormous.  He claimed that even when he was 11 years old, he weighed 200 pounds.  Jonah is 12 years old and is psyched because he just broke 70 pounds a couple months ago.  Anyway, I thought it was a perfect name for my gold fish.

I was married to Alex when I had Perry, and became unreasonably attached to him…the fish, not Alex.  I’ll never forget the day Perry passed away: I could see it coming because of the way he was swimming and floating around.  I couldn’t even go to work because I didn’t want him to die alone.  He passed away that afternoon.  I remember asking Alex to walk with Perry and I down to a nearby lake so I could “lay him to rest”.  I cried all day.

The second gold fish, Lightning Jack, was probably with us about 3 years ago…when Bode was still a baby.  I got even more irrationally obsessed with this little guy than Perry.  I used to put his fish bowl out on the deck table on nice days so he could get time outdoors with the sun and fresh air.  We even have cartoons that I used to draw with Jonah about Lightning Jack hanging in our bathroom right now.  I secretly don’t want to take them down because I feel like I won’t think about him as much as I still do if I put them in the memory box in the basement.

I’ll never forget the day Lightning Jack died, either.  It was the morning after Christmas and we were packing to get ready to spend the week in New Hampshire.  The poor little guy was doing the same thing as Perry: swimming around upside down and almost laying down on the ground instead of floating around like normal.  It was so hard to watch.  Ben decided to end it for him and flush him down the toilet.  As soon as he came out of the bathroom and I heard the toilet, I literally burst out in tears.  You should see Ben’s impersonation of what I was like; I was devastated.  I cried like a 4 year old girl.  We’re talking loud, uncontrollable, totally helpless crying that went on for so long that it almost wrecked the family vacation.

Ever since Ben saw that, he has said that he’s not sure if we can ever have a dog.  He says that when your family dog passes away, it’s like your best friend dying.  And, he says that would be scary to go through with me.

So, yeah, I have no idea where I was originally going with this post, but it seems like I’ve sufficiently laid it all out there for the day, fully humiliated myself with revealing who I really am, and am now going to go release the vat of tears that have built up during the writing of this post while I go shower because that’s how I handle mental depression.

Nothing a little lip gloss and perfume can’t cover up so I can bring the kids to CFNE for Jonah’s Middle School Class in an hour.


Maureen Filippine April 5, 2016 at 1:03 am

Ed won't let us get another dog because of exactly that. The girls and I were a mess

Simon April 5, 2016 at 10:25 am

I'm hoping you haven't watched Marley and Me.


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