My Greek Goddess Dressing Recipe

posted by Heather January 2, 2021 3 Comments

This has been a recipe in the making for years, but I think I’ve cleaned it up enough so now it (1) makes a LOT…about 40-45 oz of dressing, (2) doesn’t require a ton of equipment that needs to be washed, and (3) makes, basically, everything you put it on delicious.

Once it’s mixed well, we actually put most of it into a 36 oz. Yeti Rambler Bottle with a Chug Cap. We then add some water and shake it up to make more of a salad dressing consistency. We keep a smaller container, as well, of the thicker version to use as a dip for sandwiches and sweet potato fries, a spread for tacos and sandwiches, etc.

Make sure you have an immersion blender, a glass or jar that works well with that blender, and a food processor. I guess you could do it with just the immersion blender and a mixing spoon if you needed to, though.

A couple tips to keep in mind:

  1. I prefer using a food scale. You eliminate unnecessary washing of dishes and get more precise measurements.
  2. When making the mayo, you MUST use extra light tasting olive oil, NOT extra virgin.
  3. I wish I could say you can’t mess this up, but you can. Especially, the mayo part. Double and triple check that you have all of the ingredients because there’s science-y stuff that activates when you do this right that won’t activate if you don’t. Do yourself a favor, don’t rush the mayo process.
  4. When adding herbs, start with half a bunch of each and mix thoroughly. We’ve overdone it before and it ends up tasting weirdly bitter and spicy. That’s code for gross.
  5. This is a fun one to change up a little each time you make it. Once the mayo is done, you actually can’t really mess it up because you can keep adding, substituting, and experimenting with ingredients until it’s “right”.

Enjoy this one, you guys. It’s probably the biggest staple in our diet. We start panicking when we run low. Even Katrin will make this recipe herself if we’re running out. And, Katrin doesn’t just follow recipes for “fun”.

HB’s Green Goddess Dressing

1 batch of Homemade Mayo* (below)

32 oz. Plain Unsweetened Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

6-8 garlic cloves

~1 bunch fresh scallion

~1 bunch fresh parsley

~1 bunch fresh cilantro

2 Tbsp Dijon mustard

1-2 tsp onion powder

1 tsp ground pepper

1 tsp cumin

2 tsp sea salt

Add all ingredients to a food processor and mix until blended well. Add water to make more of a “dressing”, or keep as is for a “dip”. We split this recipe into one big bottle of dressing, and keep a smaller container of dip.

*Homemade Mayo (Adjusted from The Healthy Foodie)


1 egg (cold is fine)

Juice from 1/2 lemon or lime (or 2-3 tsp any vinegar)

Generous pinch of salt

1 cup extra-light tasting olive oil (NOT extra virgin olive oil, must be extra-light; avocado oil should work, too)

Put all ingredients into a glass tall and wide enough to fit the head of an immersion blender through the top, and allows it to sit flat to the bottom of the glass. While holding the blender flat on the bottom of the glass, turn blender on and hold there until mayo starts to take form. Slowly lift and lower the blender until fully mixed and your glass is full of what now looks like mayo 🙂