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My Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media

posted by Heather January 9, 2018 0 comments

Guess what I’m working on…

We may or may not have played this over dinner.

And, so begins Harley Love’s ballet career.


I have a love-hate relationship with social media: I love certain aspects of it, but in the blink of an eye I will be so frustrated with it and will want to go Ed Sheeran on the whole thing and shut it all down for at least a year.

The list of my personal guidelines and rules for how I handle my Instagram account, alone, is constantly growing: I limit myself to following 50 people or less, I won’t follow athletes that are constantly trying to sell or advertise things (even if they’re close friends of mine), I won’t follow people who never post things, I won’t follow people who post a lot of things that I actually think are annoying, and I am trying to trim down the number of celebrities I follow (because it never makes me feel good about myself, even though I love the behind-the-scenes coverage…as gross as that is).

And, I want to make sure that when I look at my profile/account that the compilation of pictures that I’ve posted recently cover a variety of things and people: training, all of the members of my family, some of my good friends, some things I believe in and support, some serious things, some funny things, etc.

I try really hard on social media to paint as true a picture of myself as I can without completely horrifying people.  But, while I will fully admit to sometimes choosing a picture that makes me look better than another one, I also try to make sure I balance it all with either pictures or confessions of things that make me vulnerable and expose my flaws and weaknesses.

I guess I just don’t think it’s fair to only post the totally filtered, totally beautiful moments and leave out anything that doesn’t make you look and seem as “perfect” as you possibly can.

But, at the end of the day, I get it…and, I walk the line enough to know that I have no business judging someone on that.

What I can’t help myself from having an opinion on, though, is this: people that post something, whether it’s a picture or a write-up or both, that is a complete lie.

It’s the times that someone posts something about how perfect their family or relationship is, and I know that they’re in a really bad place…that’s when I think it just isn’t right.

I guess I would just rather someone just doesn’t “say” anything, rather than say something in an effort to try and cover up something that’s actually happening.

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