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My Mother’s Gunna’ Kill Me.

posted by Heather September 20, 2018 0 comments

Ummm…I got extensions. Like, really long ones.  They show up around 20″ long.  After prepping with washing, blow dry, and some ironing, the application of them only took about 45 minutes. They’re put in with little strips of tape that stay in for about 4-6 months, and then you just take them out with some hydrogen peroxide and reposition them back up closer to your scalp again. They can, literally, last 5+ years totally fine if you take good care of them. You can wash them like normal with sulfate free shampoo, color them, use heating tools on them, and cut them to whatever length you want. I wanted to keep them really long just for a while to see if I wanted them long because once you cut them, you can’t make them long again.



This is when she first put them in.

Now just trying to recruit all of my friends to be mermaids with me 🙂

Literally, my new favorite store.


My mother is going to kill me.  I mean, she has never understood why I, a woman of Filipino descent, would ever put blonde highlights in my hair.  So, when she sees how I went from above shoulder length hair to below nipple line length hair, my phone’s gonna’ blow up with her on the other end drilling me for questions on why I would ever do something like putting extensions in my hair.

Look, I know I should love myself the way I already am.  I know I shouldn’t care about being able to wear messy buns or braids.  I know I should care more about taking care of my family than taking care of my hair.

But, Harley Love thinks I am a real life mermaid now.  AND, I haven’t had hair this long since I was 16 years old.  And, it’s just FUN.

And, it’s one of those things that when you put them in your hair, you feel like you are some alien outcast.  You feel like no one else on the planet has them and that everyone is going to make fun of you and talk about you behind your back.  But, when you finally get over all of that and just tell people, you realize how many woman either have them, have had them, or have always wanted to have them.

Maybe not everyone falls into one of those categories, and maybe there are people making fun of me behind my back.  But, (a) I love playing with them, (b) I love the way they look, and (c) believe it or not, I can still take care of my family just as well as I did when I didn’t have extensions taped into my hair.

And, maybe I am sending a confusing message to my children about self-image because I changed the length of my hair.  But, I spend a whole lot more time trying to teach my kids about self-acceptance in other ways every day by showing them how to laugh at their own flaws and exposing their insecurities in a way that encourages them to improve what they can…and, love what they can’t.

I wouldn’t say I’m “obsessed” with my looks, but I also wouldn’t say that I don’t care at all.

So, in the meantime, I’m taking my friend, Ally’s, advice from when I was sitting in my car in the CFNE parking lot too scared to walk in for the first time and just “whip that hair around.”

And, man alive, did that hair ever get a joy ride during that workout.

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