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My New Dentist: Lynsey Vs. Katrin

posted by Heather September 28, 2017 0 comments

Her favorite dress with her name on it 🙂

Totally normal. Got this from Harry, who I can 100% picture standing there building this for a solid couple of hours.

Dr. Fantasia’s practice is the bomb. Luckily, I had NO cavities this time 🙂 None of us could believe it. Imagine how bad my teeth would be if I ate badly?

Like he’s a “golfer”.

I can’t decide which version of Golfer Ben I am attracted to more.

A little slow getting in today, but he DID IT 🙂

And, ended up loving it.

I LOVE how artistic Jonah is. And, Bode is just like Jonah was when he was Jonah’s age.

Cries through the entire shower every time, and then acts like she was a total sweetheart afterwards.

If I could go to the dentist once a month, I would.  I LOVVVVVE going to the dentist.  Like, as much as I like power washing things.  In fact, if I could get a dental version of a power washer on Amazon, I think I would.  But, what I really want is one of those metal pick tools.  The problem is, I can’t get in there and see what they see from their angle.

So, what I really need is for Ben to be on board so that he could just do it for me.  But, he’s not OCD enough to do a good job at that, so I need to find a friend that’s as neurotic as I am that would be up for it.

Which makes me wonder who I could ask.

Maya’s a total uncoordinated mess, so she’s out.  Kat is a very good option; not super anal, but very focused and determined.  Tori would probably laugh too much during the whole thing and wouldn’t be able to take it as seriously as I would be.  Jill wouldn’t be as aggressive as I’d need her to be.

Lynsey…now, Lynsey is a really, REALLY big possibility.  Her house is so organized and clean that it makes me look like a slob.

I’ll have to watch her a little more closely.  Kat’s a good back-up, but I’m thinking Lynsey’s already where I need her to be.

Stand by.

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